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Wondering what you all think...

Wondering what you all think...

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Posted by Becca on September 11, 2000 at 00:35:21:

Hi everyone. I just found this board and it is just what I have been needing. I have a big question.Maybe
someone can help me out.
I had my tubes tied in March of 97. Since then I have had my normal, 7 days a month,very heavy period
until last month.That's when it all got screwed up. I started on my normal day. The 3rd. I went 2 days
and I barely spotted. My nipples, not my whole breast, ached and they had became very dark in color.
My right nipple seems to be I guess you'd say leaking a little bit too.
As of today I haven't started my period yet and it is now september the 10th. I am now 7 days late.
I seem to be alot more hungry than normal also. I myself, belive I am just a bit paranoid but everyone is telling me to go to the docter.
My breast now, seem to be tender. Not just my nipples any more. And a bit heavy too. Huh. Could it be hormones or..
Would you think that I could be pg?
That just scares me to death! I have 3 children right now. I was not planning any more. I wouldn't be upset. Just
Very surprised to sat the least.
I have so many of the symptoms that I had when I was pregnant before. Like within a week or 2 of conception
each time my tailbone would ache and it does now. My arms would go numb during the night and now they do.
I am just so scared to go to the docter. I feel strange even having the thought that I could be pg. I would feel like an idiot.
Could it be my hormones whacking out?
Oh, well. Maybe someone can help shed some light on my situation and I won't have to go to the
docter. Haha. I say by next month I will if things don't change. I mean, I am only late 7 days.
My hubby has a fit because that's how I always did whenI got pg before. Have a 2 or 3 day period and then miss the next few.
I would spot alot through my pregnances too. I have always had a whacked out body. Well, I am sorry I wrote so much. Thank you all!!
Take care! Becca

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