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Re: 15dpo, dark brown discharge, no AF, Insem. day after ov.. too late?

Re: 15dpo, dark brown discharge, no AF, Insem. day after ov.. too late?

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Posted by Sandie on September 23, 2000 at 16:31:00:

In Reply to: 15dpo, dark brown discharge, no AF, Insem. day after ov.. too late? posted by TTCFor7Years on September 22, 2000 at 14:56:09:

: I hope someone can give me some insight on my strange body! We have struggled with infertility for the last 7 years. Male factor. We finally took the next step and went to artificial insemination donor. First day of last period was August 24, 2000. I OV. (I have mittleshmirtz)the night of the 7th, actually was early (2:00 a.m.)morning of the 8th of September (Thursday). Donor sperm was a little late getting here, so I was not inseminated until Friday afternoon. AF is late....was due yesterday. I spotted some dark brown mucous looking stuff the night before AF was due, and noticed more of the dark mucous the next morning. No major cramps, only slight pressure in my uterus. My breasts have not really been sore, but from time to time I get pains down the sides. Its hard to tell if they've enlarged, as I already have very large breasts. I haven't been taking my BBT, but took it this morning and it was 98.1. I am driving myself insane thinking about all of this!!! I have been let down so many times by AF every single month for 7 years, that I just can't imagine being pregnant. I have a 9 year old son from a previous marriage so I know I am fertile, but I thought the day after ovulation was too late for fertilization, as the ovum would have already begun to disintegrate. AF is now 2 days late!! I am afraid to HPT, as it has always been negative, and I don't want to waste money for disappointment. I thought for sure AF was coming last night, as I had moderate cramping....but she didn't arrive. Can anybody give me some insight on what my chances are of conceiving the day after ovulation??? Anyone else get pregnant this way??? Please feel free to e-mail me any responses, otherwise, I will check the board often! Sorry for being so long..

I had the same type of question and sent it to America's here is the answer I received... hope it helps.. and by the way if you want to save money on hpt's try purchasing at the store at it's where I buy all my supplies and they are cheaper than at the grocery store.. good luck to you! I wish you the best.. email me if you do get a ++++++++!

Ovulation occurs 14 days before the next menstrual period. So, if a
woman’s cycle is 28 days, ovulation occurs on day 14 (if day number 1 is
the first day of bleeding). If a woman’s cycle is 23 days, ovulation
will occur on day 9. Since most women’s cycles are constant to within
4-5 days, planning a pregnancy is relatively easy. That is, if a woman’s
cycle is usually 28 to 32 days (count from day one of the period to day
one of the next period), ovulation will occur from day 14 to day 18.

Once ovulation is determined, a schedule of intercourse can be set. A
couple should have intercourse from 4 days prior to anticipated
ovulation through 2 days after ovulation. That means for women who run
28 to 32 day cycles, ovulation occurs day 14 to 18, and intercourse
should be done at least every other day from day 10 through day 20.

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