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Looking for an opinion (and hopefully comfort in that!)

Looking for an opinion (and hopefully comfort in that!)

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Posted by gmwt on September 24, 2000 at 14:31:37:

My period is a week-two weeks late (I don't keep a *close* watch on it because it tends to vary by 3-5 days). We never had sex, but we got pretty close a couple of times. The three days before my last period is when it was most likely possible, but that period came and was mostly normal but a little heavier the first couple of days. (it's usually short and light, 5 days tops, but after 4 it's pretty much done.) It came on Aug. 11. On the 19th we were fairly close again, but we both still had our underwear on.

Nothing has happened since then but I've been very worried the past couple of weeks. He's at college now and I've got my senior year at a residential high school left. It scares me more than I can express to think that I could be pregnant. Mostly because I feel like I'm letting down my parents. They've put so much trust in me and have been there for me every time I've needed them. And I know they'd stand by me in this case too, but I feel like I'm letting them down. I'm not officially dating the guy this is with, but he's the only one I've ever been close to or had feelings for; he still has feelings for his old gf (with whom he hasn't been with since Jan - when we first got together but then decided to wait and havn't been since). I talk to him most every day and he is my best friend, but I only see him on weekends if I'm lucky.

If my period still hasn't come by this next weekend, I'm going to go visit him and I'll take one of the many home tests. I'm really scared because if I am, it's going to mess everything up. The thought of abortion crossed my mind and he asked me what my views on it were, but I'm really not sure I can do that... Neither of us really have time do deal with this since our lives are so busy, but hind-site is 20/20...

I guess I'm just wondering if someone who knows more than I do could tell me the likely hood of me being pregnant... I go to the bathroom a lot but ever since I cut back on salt and continued to drink a lot of water that's been the case. My breasts aren't any more firm than normal, but I could swear my stomache is a little more round, large, and firm than it used to be. Would it be noticeable this early on?

sorry for the length and if you read it this far Thank You! Someone please respond (the more the better). I'm scared and I...I dunno...I just need input...

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