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Four months with period?

Four months with period?

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Posted by Alicia on December 02, 2000 at 14:46:07:

From a FAQ Board:
The chances of being pregnant but having periods

I have been reading on the issue of having a period when pregnant. I have a couple of questions about it. It is making me paranoid. What are the chances of being pregnant with a period if:
1.) you haven't had sex for 4, almost 5, months
2.) Are on the BCP, not missed any pills
3.) Had three on-time periods since last intercourse (middle one lighter, but ones before and after that one were normal--not time yet for 4th)
0.1% (1:1000), actually I wish I could be that exact but it is an extremely low chance.

I guess the core question is, how many normal bleeds on the pill would a woman need to have before she could reasonably be assured??
It depends upon the definition of reasonably. I would say one normal period if NO pills have been missed but as you know it can rarely happen. 3 menses after would be almost certain in my book.

My personal story:
"I am in the same situation. I had sex 5 months ago, and have had 4 periods.
I had just started BC and been on it for a week. He went out of town so I decided to stop BC ( I stopped mid-cycle) so I had only been on it for 1 month. My period was heavier and longer the first two months; the third month it was heavy, longer, had cramps and discharged a gray clump. My period this Nov. was shorter than the last three, but longer than normal, and light, bright red."

"I have taken three pregnancy test in Nov. and all were negative, but I 've put on weight; have had nausea, constipation, dizziness, fatigue, lack of balance, growth of breast. I fear that something is wrong and because of the chain of events which have occured and they're sequence, that the PG test maybe wrong."

"I've been to the doctor for a Pap and PG test. The doctor will not look further into the matter because of the negative PG test, and I'm waiting on the Pap."

"The sad part of it all is if I am that one in a million case, and have been pregnant these five months; I took diet pills and BC within the First Three Months. I'm very concerned with birth defects more than a positive pregnancy test."

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