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Re: celexa and pregnancy

Re: celexa and pregnancy

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Posted by Charlotte on December 07, 2000 at 14:43:04:

In Reply to: Re: celexa and pregnancy posted by Jodi on June 28, 2000 at 14:41:41:

: I would like information about how long I should be off celexa before getting pregnant or the risks of staying on the drug while pregnant. Any thoughts? I'm scared!

: : : : : : I would like information about taking celexa while being pregnant. I am in my first trimester. Please advise if I should continue taking it. My doctor has said it was ok but I want a second opinion.

: : : : : >I would like to know the same thing. I've just begun celexa but am worried that if I get pg, how risky is it? I've found out that Celexa is a class "c" drug which means they haven't tested it on human pregnancies only on animals and there were some diverse affects. I would definitely get a second opinion.

: : : : HEY!!! Me too. I just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant....its the weekend, so I can't call my doctor. I'm a little worried! Okay...alot worried. I don't want to loose my baby!

: : : In regard to everyone's concerns about Celexa and Pregnancy, I am trying to get pregnant and spoke to my obgyn's office about celexa and pregnancy; they told me to give it a month and stop taking the medication, however if I were pregnant now still taking celexa they say that it would probably be O.K. and that it's hard to give a definate answer because it is such a new drug and is a class "C" drug. My doctor to is extremely "anti-anything" with her pregnant patients which I find to be wonderful in her and glad she is my OBGYN. I hope I didn't scare or hurt anyone with this news, it seemed as I researched this the doctor who prescribed me the pills told me that it would probably be o.k. to keep taking the pills. So i got two opinions and I'm choosing my OBGYN's word.
: :
: : This discussion about celexa and pregnancy is very interesting. I am taking celexa and hoping to get pregnant in June. My doctor, who prescribed celexa to me, says he has had probably 40 patients on celexa during their entire pregnancy and delivered perfectly fine babies. Not that I don't trust my doctor's word, but I would like to hear from those women myself. If you know someone who has taken celexa (or any other anti-depressant) throughout their pregnancy be post any comments you might have. I would also like to hear back from some of the other women who wrote on this subject earlier. Did you decide to keep taking celexa? Thanks.

I am almost 5 wks. pregnant and have been searching for research, information, proof, anything regarding Celexa during pregnancy. About 8 mos. ago I got preg. and was on Paxil (also an SSRI)my ob/gyn suggested I go without it if I could for at least the first 3 mos. I got off of it and was so upset and stressed and an emotional mess that I would be doubled over from pain. I went for my 4 mo. sonogram and my baby was dead. My doc. said there was no way to know what happened. I feel very strongly that I unintentionally killed my baby by getting off my medication. This pregnancy I plan on staying on my Celexa because I feel that it would be worse on both me and my baby if I went without it. Of course I am deeply concerned about the effects it will have on my baby, but I am going to leave it in God's hands. I am doing my part to care for my baby in the way I think is best for us both.

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