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False negative or is something else wrong

False negative or is something else wrong

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Posted by Rissa on December 13, 2000 at 20:44:48:

My husband and laxed of last month about having safe sex. I am now 10 days late. I took a pregnancy test at home yesterday (registers 100 mIUs, I think, it was Osco brand). And we are pretty sure it was negative.
Well the background was pink but where the pg line would be if it was positive was white. And it stayed like that.

I keep feeling like I am going to start my period, you know that feeling like it is going start any minute now. I have mild cramping, but then I go to the bathroom to check if my friend has come, but there is nothing. I have been having a clear discharge that has gotten so heavy that I think I might have to start wearing a pad. There is no odor or burning or itching. I am having headaches everyday. Constantly tired but have difficulty sleeping. I am having many bad nightmares. My breast have swollen some but are not nearly as tender as they should be when my "friend" comes. I feel like I have SUPER PMS (I am being a raging witch at home). Oh and I have been naseous for the last 3 days whenever I eat or drink anything. Milk, water, sprite, cheerios, pizza, apples, you name it, I am ill.

I guess the thing that is really bothering me is this discharge, it has been around for about 5 days now, the cramping (about 7 days) and of course the extreme lateness of my period. I figure if I took the test at 9 days late and it showed negative, something else is wrong with my body. Any insight? I do have a doctors appointment. But what can I say, I am anxious for answers.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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