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Re: Undiagnosed food metabolism condition (long)

Re: Undiagnosed food metabolism condition (long)

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Posted by Sophie Dwyer on August 11, 2000 at 03:48:04:

In Reply to: Re: Undiagnosed food metabolism condition (long) posted by Lucy on April 26, 2000 at 13:59:59:

: : : : Have either of you had extensive endocrine testing, esp. for thyroid,
: : : : or are all doctors just accepting the previous diagnosis?
: : : : Have you had a TRH test? It reveals so-called borderline
: : : : thyroid problems.
: : : : Don't give up, and do your own research and pray for guidance.

: : : Are you familiar with "orthomolecular medicine"? There is an orthomolecular center in New Jersey.
: : : check out
: : : Also, I had similar symptoms for years and finally figured out that I cannot eat sugar AT ALL.
: : : I also cannot tolerate processed foods, and must make everything from scratch. In the event
: : : that I accidentally ingest sugar (have to read labels everytime), within 30 mins I have brain fog
: : : and disorientation, within 24 hours, I feel psychotic and out of control. It took 3 weeks to purge
: : : myself of the sugar and chemicals, at 3 months I felt like a new person. Its now been 5 years...
: : : Good luck and don't give up!

: : thank you so much for your responces,it means alot to get a sympthetic ear. I know i have a big problem but without any i can't even get out of the bed and to much sugar makes me really sick. I will look into your sigestions. thanks again joan.

: Hi,

: First let me say I'm so sorry for what you are going thru and I am glad your wife is supportive-my husband is too and it makes all the difference. I have a similar situation. If I even had the slightest amt of any form of sugar touch my lips or if I am given dextrose in an IV or even sip any sugars or eat too many carbs, I have seizures. I am conscious thru them but it gets hard to breath after 15 minutes and they usually last 40 minutes. They are horrible and most dr's don't even realize that this can occur in hypoglycemia or that this can occur in person w/out diabetes. In this case holistic, naturopathic or orthomolecular physicians are your best bet. Be careful however of those who want large amts of $$$ and try to get you into every service they offer. A word of caution with Homeopathic medicines...they contain sugar unless they are specifically made in a water base specially to not contain sugar. Those small pellets contain sugar and tinctures contain alcohol which drastically fluctuate blood sugar.

: Obviously, you are trying to do research and I know it is frustrating. I eat every 3 hours and I find that pumpkin seeds help immensely when I feel a seizure might come on. Please consider having a hair analysis to check for heavy metals that could be affecting your glucose and carbohydrate metabolism-try Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs, NC or Metametrix Labs. I found I had high levels of mercury, barium, bismuth, uranium and aluminum...YIKES! I am detoxing and only have the last 2 left to contend with. They also (hair analysis) show nutrient imbalances and dumping which can occur and can cause glucose/carb metabolism difficulties.

: Remember, this is not your fault and it's not something you are to be blamed for. The rest of the world does OK eating such junk and you are trying so hard and are to be commended for it. Never,ever give up...I won't and I'm glad to hear the woman who responded saying she won't. It's so hard when dr's tell you you are wrong and even the teaching universities don't know sometimes about certain unknown illnesses. Please feel free to email me privately and I will try to tell you what has helped for me. Best of Luck and God Bless.

: I am a 27 year old female who has had similar symptoms of faulty food metabolism for the past five years. It began with adrenal exhaustion (too much training for a marathon and too much emotional stess), then glandular fever, then hepatitis (caused by an intestinal infection from something bad I ate - I was working on a tropical island at the time). Since then I've had chronic digestive problems resulting in malabsorption, as well as chemical sensitivities, allergies, hypoglycaemia, irregular heart beat, difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly, irritability, and nervousness/hyperactivity alternating with exhaustiona and depression.
I eventually realised that most of my symptoms were due to food intolerances. I have improved significantly on an anti-candida diet (no yeast/moulds/ferments/sugars and restricted fruit intake) as well as an elimination diet prescribed by a dietitian which is low in salicylates and amines. It is particularly important to avoid sugar to avoid the spaced-out feelings and control hypoglycaemia; it is very difficult to desensitise as it requires a great deal of self-control to not give in to the 'need' for sugar or other foods you crave that you're allergic to (but after a few days or weeks the symptoms disappear and you no longer need the self-control). I never get a racing heart beat either when I stick to this hypoallergenic diet. I think a liver-cleansing diet is also necessary - no caffeine, alcohol, saturated fat, sugar, white flour, artificial additives - just fresh organic fruits, vegies, whole grains legumes etc. If you can't tolerate raw foods then cook them thoroughly. Try digestive enzymes (brands containing 8 or 9 different vegetable-sourced enzymes) to see if they help. Also I recommend supplements of lactobacillus (especially plantarum, acidophilus, bifidus) and fructooligosaccharides to restore bowel health, colloidal silver to kill parasites/bacteria/viruses, good-quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplements after meals but no stimulating substances like ginseng, caffeine, high-dose vitamin c and frankincense essential oil. You could also try making further dietary restrictions with no dairy or gluten to see if this helps. If you still get symptoms then you could have other or different food intolerances and I find a rotation diet helps to both identify and eliminate them.
All these things have helped me significantly, but they're only suggestions I 'm not an expert. I'll be glad to get any feedback from others on my comments.

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