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Posted by Lois on January 27, 2000 at 22:02:34:

In Reply to: Re: ttp posted by Kim on January 19, 2000 at 08:11:03:

: :Lois, my Mom was diagnosed with TTP back November 98 - she had a very serious first episode but fortunately recovered after a five weeks of life support and extensive/aggressive plasmapheresis. I know that my response is not much assistance in helping you obtain more knowledge about the outcome of such organ removals, I mainly wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your sister-in-law. By the Grace of God and numerous prayers my Mom is doing very well right now (she does have ups and downs emotionally and mentally) but still doing rather well. I hope all turns out well for your sister-in-law and I hope you also find the answers that you are looking for. Take Care

: : I have A sister-in-law that has ttp. would like to talk to somebody about it. ther are alot of you out there, by the looks of this message board. She has had it for four years. She gets it every year. She has just gone through it again. Now she needs to have her gall bladder out. they are considering taking her spleen also. Have any of you had this done? Please someone get back to me. God Bless all of you.

Kim, thank you for sharing with me. Judy, my sister-in-law has had her gallbladder taken out as of tuesday. she is back home and everything is going good thus far. they didn't take her spleen out , they say that as all as she responds well to the phresies that they will leave the spleen alone. hopefully she will recover well from this surgery, and get back to normal, for awhile. do you have an e-mail address? if so, would you send it to me? also anyone else out there that may read this. mine is [email protected] kim, where do live? i live in penfield,pa. how's your mom doing? what were her first signs of ttp? judy got very sick, she thought she had a bad case of the flu. she is a very stubborn person. when we finally got her to go to the doctor, he did blood work and sent her home. he called her later and told her he thought she had lukemia. she had just decided to go with his thought and accept it. she continued to get worse, we took her to the hospital and they had to life flight her to pittsburgh. that's how we found out what it was. thank god they knew what was going on. she was pretty close to dead. does your mom get all black and blue? that's one thing we watch for real closse, that and she gets really bad headaches, can't eat or drink anything. we don't have the equipment at our hospital here to take care of her when this happens, so she has to go to pittsburgh every time this happens. which is 2 1/2 hours away. her platlates drop so very fast. has your mom had any of this? i'm not sure if i told you she also had a stroke with this. that was the third time. her platlates dropped to like 7000. actually they lost her in the ambulance on the way to pittsburgh. thank god they brought her back. our hospital should of life flighted her to pittsburgh,but sometimes they are not to swift here,if you know what i mean. this last time we were at the hospital it took them 4 hours before we got them to life flight her. they told us in pittsburgh that if it should happen again that we are to tell them to get her to them immediatly. well, i hope you are all well,thanks again for the prayers. i don't get to the computer alot because we have two teenagers. also i'm not very good at this yet, we just got it for christmas and i'm learning. i do try to check this everyday. this is also to Dan Madara, thank you for the information. i'm going to check that out tomorrow. do any of you that have this ttp still work? if so what do you do? well, i'll be closing for tonight. Go Bless you all, and thanks again, for the replys and your prayers.

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