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Re: Severe gastro attacks...why? Please help!

Re: Severe gastro attacks...why? Please help!

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Posted by Lois on January 27, 2000 at 22:25:53:

In Reply to: Severe gastro attacks...why? Please help! posted by Jenna on January 12, 2000 at 15:25:30:

: Hello...I just found this website and am not sure if I'm in the right category or not, but I'm wondering if
: anyone knows of anyone else who might have a similar condition. My dad has some sort of food allergy
: or food intolerance...we're not sure what it is and neither are his doctors. For the past six or seven years,
: he has had periodic attacks where he wakes up in the middle of with severe stomach cramps,
: passes out, then either vomits or has severe diarrhea. Afterwards he is completely wiped out.
: It happens very sporadically, and it appears to happen after eating certain types of foods, but we don't
: know until it happens. He's had this happen with cayenne pepper, Chinese food, Fritos, once or twice
: with hamburgers, and sometimes we just don't know. It's happened at home, in restaurants (very scary
: and embarrassing for him) and when he's been away on vacation. We never know when it is going to
: happen and these attacks have become more and more frequent. He's very nervous about eating
: anywhere but at home. He's had allergy tests, but has not been diagnosed with any food allergies at all.
: His doctors have told him to avoid eating those foods, but that really doesn't help much since we
: never know what foods will trigger attacks. No one seems to be able to diagnose him. He's been
: to an allergist, a gastroenterologist, and his regular physician. It's really scary for both him and for
: us, his family, so we are seeking help. If anyone knows of ANYONE at all who has experienced
: anything remotely like this, please post! Thank you so much for any help!
Jenna, I don't know that this is of any help at all, but my husband was also having these kind of symtoms. he had all kinds of tests done. They say he has diverticulitus, which is like air pockets in the colon, from what i understand. they told him to take metimucil on a daily basis. he tried it and it seems to help. he hasn't had a spell for awhile but, he wasn't having it as often as your father. but there is a guy and a women that go to our church and they have the same thing, they say they take the metimucil faithfully. that word is probably spelled wrong. metimucil i mean. my husband is very big on the hot food items, he loves hot peppers,the hotter the better. maybe your father could try this, i'm not the doctor, just trying to help. let me know the out come. God Bless and our prayers will be with you!!!!!!!

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