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Re: question regarding the pain

Re: question regarding the pain

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Posted by Bruno on December 17, 1999 at 00:39:38:

In Reply to: Re: question regarding the pain posted by Pixie on October 04, 1999 at 00:06:38:

Please make sure that you get it diagnosed and start treatment right away. RSD has three stages, and if caught in the early strt of stage one it has a 80% reversal rate. My husband Bruno has TSD and has been needlessly suffering since 1996. The insurance company is workers compensation (because he hurt his leg on the job) and they hemmed and hawed about giving hom anything "extra", but now my husband is the one that is paying for it. He has had over the course of his so called "treatment", 70 spinal lumbar blocks, a surgical sympathectomy and an additional surgery to correct the original damage in his knee because it was not done correctly the first time. My husband can look forward to living in this pain for the rest of his life unless some miracle of God heals him. We have searched the entire state of Arizona for a lawyer that would take my husbands case to sue state compensation fund for not giving him the treatment he so desperately needs. Even now his last surgery was over two months ago and they doctor told him he needed to start physical therapy right away. State compensation fund has not "okay'd" it yet so he is just sitting around the house miserable and in pain. He has been on morphone for about two years now and it is rotting out his teeth, but they insurance company won't cover that because they say it is not related to the original injury...okay...also his leg is frozen in a bent position causing him to walk on his toes in the affected leg...this has caused his spine to bend and his hip to rotate backwards which causes extreme pain in his back, but they also won't cover that because they feel it is not connected to the original unjury. If you think that this is a wife that is a little more than angry, you are correct !!!! Two years ago I went on a letter writing rampage and sent letters to every state senator and the Governor begging for my husband to get the propoer treatment to treat this horrible disease, afterwards he got physical therapy five days a week, sessions with a nueropsychologist (a pain doctor who works on your psyche) and then as soon as some improvement was showing (approx. 6 mos) they shut it all off again saying he didn't need it anymore. If you would like to talk with someone regarding your pain and suffering, my husband would be glad to give you things that he tries to combat the pain. fell free to e-mail him at the e-mail address given, hope things on your end are going better. Get treatment right away...................

: : Hi kathryn
: The pain you describe sounds like rsd. The pain at the slightest touch is something called allodynia, pain resulting from a stimulus that should not cause pain. It seems to be a common hallmark of RSD, particularly in the earlier stages. What you need to do is get a clinical disagnosis. I know about no one listening! What about the Pain Clinic? It soulds like there is someone there that may know something about RSD.They can do tests such as a themogram that will help disgnose RSD. Have you had any sympatethic blocks? Bone scans? The important thing is to get a definitive clinical diagnosis. This can be done. If you have RSD you should start an appropriate treatment ASAP. About the pain being eposodic...well I went into a sort of semi-remission for almost a year, and then the RSD came back full blast. RSD can sort of do its own thing, so get the tests for a diagnosis. Don't give up!

: :Pixie
: : hello, I was told that I may have RSD. I was in a car accident two years ago, and the steering wheel smashed into my legs. In exactly the spots where the steering wheel smashed my legs, I have had this severe burning pain. It became extreme about five months after the accident, and all of a sudden my legs would just "give way" and I would have no strength in them. No one has helped me. They've thought, "MS", then "blood clots." then "poor circulation." I have told dr after dr. that I think there's nerve damage because it mimicks that, but no one listens. Well, a person from a pain center, (I didn't even know there were such things), told me I sound like I have RSD. The pain is burning and the slightest touch to my skin feels like someone is burning me. AFter two years, my blood vessels in my legs are starting to pop, and the weakness is getting worse. I have gained a lot of weight from lack of movement. But I was wondering...sometimes the pain will go away for a few weeks or so, and then come back for a good long episode. When the pain does come back...NOTHING will relieve it. NOTHING!!! IT just comes when it wants to, and leaves when it wants to...question..."does the pain of RSD act "episodic" like that?" Any answers would be most appreciated.

: : love kathryn

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