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Re: Have had RSD for 6 years

Re: Have had RSD for 6 years

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Posted by Tammy on January 11, 2000 at 19:49:08:

In Reply to: New Patient with RSD posted by Pat R on January 05, 2000 at 06:36:52:

: I was diaganosed with stag3 RSD on my right side and stage1 on the left. I am seeing both a orthopedist and neurologistand am on neurontin. I also havehad the stellite blocks on both sides. My problem is that the swelling of my hands has gone down, but the pain is still almost unbearable at times. I will have a good day, then a very bad day. People look at me as if I am making this up because other than a slight claw hand, it is unoticable. How do I handle this? When I have the rsd in full force, I have to go to bed as it is so painful. Not enough people are aware of this horrible disease, nor do they understand it, even when you explain it to them. Can anyone help me? My friends and even some of my family are beginning to believe I am a hypochondriac. I have been diaganosed both by my ortho and neurologist and have been tested.
: Does anyone else have the same problem? I also find that I tire very easily, is this part of RSD?
I have suffered from RSD for 6 years...I have never been told of stages...only full blown RSD and controlled RSD. I have had spinal blocks and have been on the prescription Ultram and numerous antidepressants...I have had this disorder in my right leg for 6 years, and have just been diagnosed with RSD in my left arm (moderate) and starting in my right...I also feel like a hypocondriac and feel like no-one understands what I go through. Being tired alot has alot to do with depression...My orthopedic surgoen told me it's because the endorphins sent off by the brain, that cause RSD are also responsible for depression...
This IS very painful, and sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed...I find that I turn to alchohol and prescription pain medicine (not at the same time) to help ease the pain...I suffer from acute depression, but I try to remind myself that I have 3 beautiful children to live for and there are people out there who are worse off than I am, and the pain medicine does help, as long as I catch it in doctor has always told me that if I take my medicine AS SOON as I start feeling pain, and take it regularly, it would prevent the worst of the pain...if anything, remember really is important, and the best pain management advise I could ever give...

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