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Re: New Patient with RSD

Re: New Patient with RSD

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Posted by Tammy on January 15, 2000 at 22:22:10:

In Reply to: Re: New Patient with RSD posted by Judy on January 07, 2000 at 21:10:13:

: : I was diaganosed with stag3 RSD on my right side and stage1 on the left. I am seeing both a orthopedist and neurologistand am on neurontin. I also havehad the stellite blocks on both sides. My problem is that the swelling of my hands has gone down, but the pain is still almost unbearable at times. I will have a good day, then a very bad day. People look at me as if I am making this up because other than a slight claw hand, it is unoticable. How do I handle this? When I have the rsd in full force, I have to go to bed as it is so painful. Not enough people are aware of this horrible disease, nor do they understand it, even when you explain it to them. Can anyone help me? My friends and even some of my family are beginning to believe I am a hypochondriac. I have been diaganosed both by my ortho and neurologist and have been tested.
: : : Does anyone else have the same problem? I also find that I tire very easily, is this part of RSD?

: :
: : I am also an RSD victim. I was dx with it afew mos. ago. I pretty much feel the same way you do. I however have it in the foot and it shows, Very discolored, cold and swollen most of the time.
: : I have been out of work for over 8 mos. now I never hardly leave the house only when I have too! It just hurts so bad to walk inside of the stores with the hard concrete floors so I try to just stay home.
: :
: : Hang in there. Just let them all think what they want you know it hurts and try to think about yourself and healing. I stay away from the ones that act like it is nothing :)

: I know how you feel I have had rsd coming up 3 years. my hand is a claw and the pain was really bad when i wasn"t taking narcotics. i take them on a regular schedule. my pain is not like a roller coaster. i still have my flare ups but they don't seem to last as long. my doctor had a hard time to convince me. i feel my life is partly back,being in the intense pain just about killed me.
: : I also have RSD, and have had it for over 6 years...I also encounter people who think I'm a hypocondriac...I have had alot of injuries and illness, and have had 11 surgeries, and all my major injuries have turned to RSD (right knee, left arm, and right elbow, down to my hand)...My orthopedic surgeon does everything in his power to do what he can, but has been honest with me and
told me that he knows about as much as I do about this condition, and that I am my own best doctor...I have found that the best treatment is what I like to call "on time treatment"...that means, the minute I realize the pain is starting...I start my pain management regiment...that seems to work the best for me...hang in there, and just post a msg if you need to talk...Tammy

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