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Posted by Denise on February 11, 2000 at 13:14:38:

In Reply to: Re: RSD posted by shelley on February 11, 2000 at 01:25:56:

: : Like a few others on here, my husband has been DX with RSD in 99.He's retired USArmy/24yrs & took on as a hobbie driving 18 wheeler.(yes, he's one of those nasty truck drivers!!!LOL) He got injured OTJ 5/20/99 & has been to 8 dr's.4 Workers Comp & ortho (under care now),nerve.The injury is to the r-foot.It's gone from broken foot/tendenicis/circulatory/blood clot/
: : & finally RSD.Workers Compensation are the ones that are causing problems for him due to they are saying
: : "sprained ankle"!!!!The foot turns a pretty shade of
: : blue/swells/CONSTANT pain/burning/stabbing needles & is traveling up the leg.He's gone thru 5-6 nerve blocks with no relief & now they are talking about some
: : type of implant in the lower back.Can not drive at all/
: : does not leave the house unless our daughter or myself
: : take him.Fighting depression very bad.A VietNam vet &
: : does not like drugs so has been really trying to handle
: : the pain/discomfort on his own but had to give in & go on Vicodin.I would really love to communicate with some
: : one who also has this RSD so that maybe I could learn of some ways that I could maybe help him.I hate seeing
: : him in this much pain/discomfort & not knowing what I can do to help him.Please email me at [email protected] with any suggestions or help.Am getting really desperate.I agree that there is to little known about this RSD & we need to try & help each other.Do hope to hear from someone SOON. Today is 2-10-2000. Thank YOu

: Randy,

Hi Randy.

My husband was dianosed with RSD in July 99. He has not worked since March 99. His started with surgery on his
left due to tendenitis and torn ligaments. It has move up it angle and sometimes he also feels it in his leg.
He is not a pill taker either, but has realized that they do help him for the pain. He is on 5 meds now and nothing
really seems to help. He had 1 spinal block and since it did not work at all in relieving the pain the doctor feels they
will not help him. He goes to a pain management clinic and has a very good doctor. They want to try a more
conservative method first before they try a pump. I know it is hard to deal with seeing them go through the pain and
disconfort. We also have a daughter who is 18 and is now starting to unerstand it. I try to be as helpful as possible.
My husband also rarely gets out of the house unless it is to go to the doctor's. Once in a while we will go out to a
movies and dinner if he is having a good day. He is also starting to have a problem with his right foot which we think
it is spreading to which is not uncommon. What I have done when we found out he had RSD is do a web search and
find out as much information as possible on RSD to help me. My husbands injury was not WC so we are fighting with
SSDI for benefits. It is amazing how many people have RSD and our own government does not recognize it as a
disability. I have found one website that I really like. It is run by a family who has been dealing with RSD for about
20 years. Their son has had it since he was 14 and is now in his 30's. The website is If you have any
question you can email them and they respond very quickly. They seem very knowledgeable in RSD. The hardest part
of this whole thing is explaining to people what it is. They always ask-- can't the doctor's do this or that. It's not that simple.
Does your husband have a short term memory problem, sometimes feel aggitated or frustrated? If you can find a support group
in your area I advise joining. The website I listed does have a list of groups. Unfortunately in California we don't have any. It is not
only hard on the patient to deal with RSD but also for family members. There are days when I will be at work and my husband with
call me crying uncontrollably because he got lost in the house or couldn't do something so simple, things he use to do without thinking
about it. This is all part of the RSD - short term memory, confusion.

I hope this helps you. Please email and correspond with me whenever you feel the need.

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