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Re: RSD - Revision to previous message.

Re: RSD - Revision to previous message.

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Posted by Denise on February 11, 2000 at 13:29:53:

In Reply to: Re: RSD posted by Denise on February 11, 2000 at 13:14:38:

: : : Like a few others on here, my husband has been DX with RSD in 99.He's retired USArmy/24yrs & took on as a hobbie driving 18 wheeler.(yes, he's one of those nasty truck drivers!!!LOL) He got injured OTJ 5/20/99 & has been to 8 dr's.4 Workers Comp & ortho (under care now),nerve.The injury is to the r-foot.It's gone from broken foot/tendenicis/circulatory/blood clot/
: : : & finally RSD.Workers Compensation are the ones that are causing problems for him due to they are saying
: : : "sprained ankle"!!!!The foot turns a pretty shade of
: : : blue/swells/CONSTANT pain/burning/stabbing needles & is traveling up the leg.He's gone thru 5-6 nerve blocks with no relief & now they are talking about some
: : : type of implant in the lower back.Can not drive at all/
: : : does not leave the house unless our daughter or myself
: : : take him.Fighting depression very bad.A VietNam vet &
: : : does not like drugs so has been really trying to handle
: : : the pain/discomfort on his own but had to give in & go on Vicodin.I would really love to communicate with some
: : : one who also has this RSD so that maybe I could learn of some ways that I could maybe help him.I hate seeing
: : : him in this much pain/discomfort & not knowing what I can do to help him.Please email me at [email protected] with any suggestions or help.Am getting really desperate.I agree that there is to little known about this RSD & we need to try & help each other.Do hope to hear from someone SOON. Today is 2-10-2000. Thank YOu

: : Randy,

: Hi Randy.

: My husband was diagnosed with RSD in July 99. He has not worked since March 99. His started with surgery on his
: left due to tendonitis and torn ligaments. It has move up it angle and sometimes he also feels it in his leg.
: He is not a pill taker either, but has realized that they do help him for the pain. He is on 5 meds now and nothing
: really seems to help. He had 1 spinal block and since it did not work at all in relieving the pain the doctor feels they
: will not help him. He goes to a pain management clinic and has a very good doctor. They want to try a more
: conservative method first before they try a pump. I know it is hard to deal with seeing them go through the pain and
: disconfort. We also have a daughter who is 18 and is now starting to understand it. I try to be as helpful as possible.
: My husband also rarely gets out of the house unless it is to go to the doctor's. Once in a while we will go out to a
: movies and dinner if he is having a good day. He is also starting to have a problem with his right foot which we think
: it is spreading to which is not uncommon. What I have done when we found out he had RSD is do a web search and
: find out as much information as possible on RSD to help me. My husbands injury was not WC so we are fighting with
: SSDI for benefits. It is amazing how many people have RSD and our own government does not recognize it as a
: disability. I have found one website that I really like. It is run by a family who has been dealing with RSD for about
: 20 years. Their son has had it since he was 14 and is now in his 30's. The website is If you have any
: question you can email them and they respond very quickly. They seem very knowledgeable in RSD. The hardest part
: of this whole thing is explaining to people what it is. They always ask-- can't the doctor's do this or that. It's not that simple.
: Does your husband have a short term memory problem, sometimes feel aggitated or frustrated? If you can find a support group
: in your area I advise joining. The website I listed does have a list of groups. Unfortunately in California we don't have any. It is not
: only hard on the patient to deal with RSD but also for family members. There are days when I will be at work and my husband with
: call me crying uncontrollably because he got lost in the house or couldn't do something so simple, things he use to do without thinking
: about it. This is all part of the RSD - short term memory, confusion. It breaks my heart when this happens and it is very stressfull. I
try to keep everything stressful out of his life because stress can bring out the pain even more.

: I hope this helps you. Please email and correspond with me whenever you feel the need. at [email protected]

My prayers and with you and family.

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