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Re: Rapid spread of RSD(CRPS)

Re: Rapid spread of RSD(CRPS)

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Posted by kirsteen on March 23, 2000 at 23:53:45:

In Reply to: Re: Rapid spread of RSD(CRPS) posted by Denise on February 25, 2000 at 17:44:51:

: : I was diagnosed with stage 3 RSD in 12-99,. only 15 months after my original injury. Also, I have it in all 4 extremities, with the original site being the most painful. I am wondering, is this rapid spreading
: : or just about on course? I did not have any treatment
: : until I had a positive bone scan- 9 months after my
: : wrist sprain. I am interested to know what the RSD
: : community has to say. Ever known anyone like me?
: : thanks
: : be painfree if you can!
: : [email protected]

: My husband has RSD. It sounds like it was diagnosed late in the stages for you. Stage 1 is 3 - 6 months. Stage 2 is 6 - 9 months. And stage 3 is any period after that.
: My husband was diagnosed 3 months after he had surgery on his foot. It has now been 5 months for him. He has not gotten any relieve from meds and it seems
: to be spreading up his leg and to the other foot. From what I have read and researched, RSD is more or less misdiagnosed by doctors in the early stages. You obviously
: had it earlier than diagnosed. Are you getting any relief from meds. The biggest problem with RSD is that if not diagnosed in the early stages it can spread and worsen.

: Good luck.

I have had rsds for 2 years now and was not diagnosed until a year and half later. It can progress very rapidly or very slowly. Keep exercising, try and do as much as you can.
The less you do the faster rsds takes control. When I did not know what the problem was and the doctors did not know, they told me to no use it. I put my hand in a brace for 3 months
and the pain got worse, so I myself stopped the brace and started to use my arm alot more. It would turn blue, swell up, hot and cold pain. when the pain was not bad I would use my arm and stop
only when I could not handle it anymore. Once I was told what is was, I was also told I did the right thing by using the arm. Get treatment as soon as possible.
physio is very important with nerve blocks too. E-mail me, if you would like more info.
keep smiling it is hard but try not to get down depression also effects rsds. believe me I know. it is hard to stay positive but there is less pain when you do.

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