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Re: I have RSD and i am getting depressed

Re: I have RSD and i am getting depressed

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Posted by Tammy on April 02, 2000 at 16:08:19:

In Reply to: I have RSD and i am getting depressed posted by Cathy on April 02, 2000 at 14:43:59:

: My name is cathy and i have only had RSD for four months. I was hit in the left ankle with a flat cart at work on the 5th of jan. I almost imedently started to have the worst buring pain i have ever felt. It was so unbareable that i could not even touch it for days, no ice nothing i could not get my shoe back on because it swelled so bad.I went to the doctors the next day and he said only an ankle contusion and stay off it for a couple days. It got worse the next day it started to turn purple and black at times. It was so cold to touch but it felt like it was burning,it sweats so bad that i dont know what to do with it and it is still cold to touch it. It feels like it is so cold it could be frost bitten. I went to my doctor the next day and they said only an ankle sprian. I went home and put heat on that burning foot because they said to. It hurt so bad that i could only do it for 2 to 3 min, at a time. Finally after two more weeks when i went back my doctor said that he thought RSD . I went to a neurologist and he said Classic RSD and started me on Neurontin. I take darveset for the pain with the neurontin. I go tomarrow the 3rd of april so they can put a catheter in my back and inject nerve block medicines for four days. They are going to do intense physical therapy for the four days and hopefully i will be able to walk after that. I would love to help any one that wants to email me.I need some friends to talk to so please contact me.
: Your Friend,Cathy

: Hi Cathy. My name is Tammy. I have had RSD for over 6 years. It started when I had my knee smashed in some farm machinery. I went to the ER and had x-rays, and they saw no fracture, but were sure it must be broken because my knee was about 3 times the size as normal. Went back for over a month, and kept having x-rays, until they finally decided that it really wasn't broken. They told me that I must have some kind of compression injury, and had all kinds of diagnosis's. Torn maniscus, some syndrome where the blood pools up, torn muscles and tendons, etc. They finally went in, and found only massive amounts of scar tissue. They scraped it, and closed it up. Pain only got worse. Went back to ortho surgeon, who told me it was just a bruise, and go home and stop being a baby. The pain continued to worsten, and I was in agony, with swelling, discoloration, burning, and tearing sensations. Went back to different ortho surgeon, and he diagnosed RSD. I had the
spinal blocks, antidepressants, pain meds, and p.t. After almost a year, finally got it under control, enough, that I didn't feel like it was falling off, anymore. went 5 years with occasional flares, but only required 2 to 3 visits a year for treatments. a year ago, an old shoulder injury started acting up, and went back for help. Dr's thought RSD, but pain clinic dr said it couldn't be, RSD doesn't "jump sides". Had other health issues, so I just started taking ultram (given for leg), and dealt with it. In December of 99, started having major problems with arm, and went back again. Dr again told me RSD, and gave me neurontin. In the course of the past 4 months (while being sent from dr to dr, and waiting to get back into pain clinic) RSD has now gone into my "good leg" and "good arm". My feet are starting to sweat alot, and swell, burn and ache. They alternate between burning and freezing. Both elbows feel like someone is pounding my funny bone nerve. My ortho (who is actually a very
good physician's assistant) sent me to an ortho specialist, who doesn't seem to be too concerned with doing anything more than sending me to the pain clinic. He won't give me meds, or work excuses. have to go to my family dr for those. I am frustrated, and depressed, and have made many fantastic friends through here, to share stories with. If you want to write me, I would be happy to help you through this horrible disease. My email address is [email protected] If you want to write me, feel free. Either way, take care of yourself and good luck. Tammy

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