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Re: I have had enough of this

Re: I have had enough of this

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Posted by Tammy on April 05, 2000 at 21:04:11:

In Reply to: I have had enough of this posted by Bill on April 05, 2000 at 18:08:00:

: Hi I have had RSD for almost 3 years. Where I live it is really hard to find a doctor that understands it. My GP was honest enough to tell me in all of his years
: of practice I'm only his 2nd case. He has been pretty good at giving some pain meds. But its gotten now where 20mg oxycontin and up to 4 5mg Oxy IR along
: with the usual Nerontin, anti-depressent and more is just not even taking the edge off anymore.
: In the time I have had RSD I have went through every penny I had in savings plus borrowed just for the meds. I have social security disability from a older back injury
: Well today I go to see about a nerve block,,, the hospital sees my Medicare card and thats cool.. then I show them my QMB card and they go off cause is from Va and the hospital is in NC.
: They refiused to take it. I tell them that I just can't afford the 20%...there just is no money left. They acted like I was the lowest form of human life ever to walk in the place.
: Of course I had to leave,, just getting SSDI is barely paying my normal bills.. Well now I really don't know what to do..
: I have thought about just ending it all..I just don't think I can go on much longer like this.

: I know how you are feeling. have had rsd for 6 years, and in past 6 months has spread from one knee, to all limbs. am battling dr.s and disability, through work. have had 3 drs tell me to file
for permanent disability, yet none will give me excuse to be outta work. have gone through the depression, big time. a week and a half ago, I FINALLY got into pain clinic, only to be told that
the LAST TIME they reschedualed my appt, they forgot to write it in the books, and dr already left for the day. I went hysterical. I have had thoughts along that line, but watched my family deal
with a suicide. have to remember how many people it hurts. there ARE people who care out here, and want to help. please have faith, and know that you are not alone. I can only keep telling
myself that for everything I have to deal with, someone else in this world is much worse off. Take care of yourself, and keep pushing till you find someone who cares and will work with you. I have
no insurance, either, and have to go apply for medicaid. last shred of self respect, down the drain so I know the feeling. some very good info on the net. keep researching and asking, and you
WILL get somewhere. please believe me.... have been there!!!!!! hang in there, and let us know if we can help!!!! Tammy

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