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RSD and visual problems

RSD and visual problems

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Posted by Edward Baker on April 13, 2000 at 18:24:01:

First, to all my brothers and sisters who fight together daily not to lose the battle against RSD which may seem hopeless much of the time, I offer my prayers for our continued fight in this insidious battle.
I will make this quick.Is anyone aware of visual side effects either from RSD or the barbaric surgical procedure known as a sympathectomy. This could include double vision,inability to focus after reading
a short time,difficulty in focusing while using a computer and most important is the sensation of tighness around the eye muscles or any change in vision since you were first diagnosed with RSD. I have
had RSD for 12 years. I am a former Assistant Commonwealth Attorney for Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industries and understand the repercussions of this nightmare from many different
aspects.including workers comp and other medical issuesWE CURRENTLY RECEIVE THE MEDICAL AND SOCIAL RESPECT OF WHINING GUINEA PIGS.RSD is so frequently caused by what doctors
consider a "trivial" injury which due to their lack of knowledge of RSD tend to trivialize the patients condition, seriousness of suffering and the beginning of the end of their professional relationship as the doctor realizes
that RSD is very real,very difficult to treat if it happened to have been misdiagnosed. Timeliness of diagnosis (dx) is critical in the possible but extremely rare cases of effective treatment
If you have recently been diagnosed as having RSD the fact you have access to a computer.I am here if I can help ([email protected])
without committing any homicides. Go ahead,'ll see.
I strongly advise reading "The Art of War" by Lao Tzu. a 2000 year old treatise based on a conversation of 10 wiseman which is now taught in most major business schools and try to help it evolve you from a casualty in your personal war with Hell and into a warrior.
And even if medication is required as part of your arsenal of weapons in dealing with what is probably the most difficult thing you have ever faced do not allow anyone to criminalize, victimize or think they have any idea
what is going on with your life. A doctor who believes you have RSD and after other forms of treatment
which have failed is violating the essence of the Hippocratic Oath which when translated means "Do No Harm" Suffering seems like harm to me.
"Do No Harm". and thinks that letting the patient suffer because of possible addiction is often in reality the doctor's attempt not to draw attention to their own problems with controlled substances.The drug problem is not the junkie hiding in the
shadow of the night shooting up heroin but the true victim is the patient made to suffer because their doctors are afraid and ignorant.People suffering with intractable ( I hate the word chronic,it implies the problem is our fault) pain but the ligitimate
patients who lives a life of hell which could be remedied by the correct dosage of medication.Those in true pain and really suffer, whose every moment is like being alone and lost at 4:00 a totally uncaring world with no hope do not get high from medication FINAL

RSD is no B.S..It demands immediate attention and you deserve compassion and respect for what your life is fighting no less than if you had cancer or heart disease.
Fight back like the warrior you are and try to cling to the belief that we are only challenged by what
we can overcome....
[email protected]
sorry to have rambled

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