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Posted by Denise on June 11, 2000 at 17:53:24:

In Reply to: Re: RSD posted by Paula on June 07, 2000 at 10:58:34:

: :I have a hesitant Dr. who does not want to diagnose me. I think somehow that's ego connected and viewed as a failure on his part. I am a registered nurse. Here are my symptoms and what I have found out so far: Difficulty moving in the mornings, need to soak warm moist heat helps. Constant burning pain, throbbing, and stabbing, often intolerable or unbearable, I call Suicidal. Inability to stand breezes from fans or the wind. Inability to stand cold anything on the extremity, swelling tremors and spasms of the extremity wich is slowly moving up my leg, loss of short term memory, severe pain with weather changes or increases in humidity, mottled, brawzn, reddened, or blue extremity (haven't figured out why it's one color one dy and another the next. grooved , harded nails, nightmares and insomnia (I could tach Stephen King a thing or 2); irritability, agitation, intermintent blurring of vision and increase in eye dryness (requiring constant use of eye drops and lubrication solutions), inability to tolerate repetitive sounds or any type of vibration (especially dental drill); Relief: sometimes walking, moist heat, flex-all, aspercreme, narcotics, stop smoking (nicotine makes it worse) and a whole lot of prayer!!!: Anyone with information please email me...
: : I want to know all I can about this disease....

: I was diagnosed with RSD approx. 4 years ago.
: Here are some POSSIBLE symptoms:
: your hands will be swollen, cold
: the weather will affect you (severely)
: Sometimes it moves from the actual area that you injured.
: You nails/hair will grow fast.
: The pain is sometimes unbearable.
: You will probably go thru alot of emotions.
: No one will believe that you are in that much pain.
: I sometimes don't like to tell people I am in pain because at 34 years old, they think you should be in perfect health.
: I have problems lifting anything.
: I discovered the hard way that my lifting was not to be, I went to reach and get some ice cream for my son, and I dropped the ice cream on him.
: I thought I had it in my grasp, but you will loose your sense of touch.
: Well, I would love to tell you more, but I am recieving some ultimate pain just typing this.
: I was diagnosed 2 days ago with FIBROMYALGIA.
: Check out the internet.
: Paula

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