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Re: Need advice about permanent disability, and RSD....

Re: Need advice about permanent disability, and RSD....

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Posted by Debra on July 18, 2000 at 00:07:43:

In Reply to: Need advice about permanent disability, and RSD.... posted by Tammy on April 07, 2000 at 22:09:03:

: : : I have been on here, alot, and have responded to messages, giving advice, and support, but now am in need of some advice, myself. Have been progressively getting
: worse, and have had 3 dr's tell me I ought to file permanent disability. It took me 3 days to get drs together to have them finally come up with ONE who would
: write it down on paper. But I have been told permanent disability is almost impossible. I was diagnosed with RSD about 6 years ago, by process of elimination,
: and examination of symptoms. Have been told by a few, this isn't enough. RSD has spread to all 4 limbs, with right leg, and left arm being the worst, right now.
: I have been treated for RSD successfully in the past, but now is to the point of hindering everyday life. am young, and don't want to face the prospect of this
: being permanent, but have to face it. Anybody out there, who knows what ssd requires, please respond. I have too much stress, as it is, and drs tell me it is making
: things worse, when I worry. I am trying to contact disability lawyer, but need to have SOME kind of idea what I need to do, on my end. Thanks for any help any body
: can give me! Tammy

Tammy: I also heard permanent disability is almost impossible to get and am experiencing it first hand. I started the process in January and have been denied once. I have now retained an attorney and am appealing (Reconsideration). The first time I filed there was probably not enough documentation from doctors and I attempted to do it myself without knowing how they evaluate your application for disability. There are some very tricky in and outs regarding establishing disability and even if your physicians determine you should be on it, you might still be denied because you don't meet the criteria (so it seems to me a great deal of the process relies on wording. You might want to do some research before filing your application. I found a lot of helpful information on SSI's site and even found guidelines for the case workers to use in their determination. I don't have that at hand, but will look through my paperwork and post some of what I found in a later message. I decided just to hire an attorney (they are bound by law on what they can charge and I believe this is based on the amount that SSI gives you once you are approved and they pay you from the date of your first application which is denied 80% of the time). The second go round I decided I would leave to an expert. Additionally, I am tired of fighting with bureaucrats). My RSD I have had for approximately 3 years as a result of surgery on my neck which was work related. My fight has been with L&I and I only filed for reopening of my case last March. Finally, after 3 IMEs their doctors verified what I had was RSD and that it was related to the injury of 96. But, what a hassle. Anyway, this is long and rambling and I will close. I wish you luck and I will certainly write and inform people should my disability be approved to tell people how I did it.

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