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Posted by Cindy on August 31, 2000 at 09:00:20:

In Reply to: Re: Need to Talk posted by Lee Ann on August 30, 2000 at 12:39:35:

: : I was diagnoised with RSD in 10/99. It all started in with a minor car accident in 10/98. I had incredible hip pain ever since finally the doctors decided to do a exploratory surgery but not until 10/99. After the surgery i then developed RSD.. ever since life has not been the same. About a month ago i stopped taking all pain meds and just started trying to use my will power to get myself better, but... unfortunately that has not worked.. my last visit at the beginning of this month my dr was shocked at how well i was doing. Unfortunatley for me i was still very much in pain but tried to mentally block it out. Anyways.. i now am hurting so bad today, the weather where i live has been non stop rain which hasn't helped either. Today I am at work but very much would like to be home in bed. My RSD has spread all the way down my left leg the same side as my hip injury. I am a 26 year old female and i have a 6 year old son. I just called my doctor this morning to let him know that i am not doing too well i am a very strong willed person so when the dr hears that i am in pain he will definately call me right back. Just need to talk to others today i am feeling mighty depressed as if i will never find the end to all of this. Any words of hope would be appreciated.
: : Thanks
: : God Bless

: Cindy,
: I am sorry to hear you are having so much pain. I have had RSD for over 8 years now. I too am off all my meds. I went off them because I was having other health problems and wanted to make sure the pain killers were not part of the problem. Now I have to stay off everything till I complete some tests. I have been off meds for almost 9 months now. It just keeps getting drug out more and more. And with no meds the RSD is getting worse. It is spreading. I am getting weaker and am always exhausted. I am not sure going without meds is a good idea. Even if you just take the minimum to give you some relief. If you don't want to be drugged up, talk with the doctors and make sure they understand you have to have a say in what you take and how you take it. It can be a difficult process to fine tune the meds to the point you get some relief, but are not whacked out. I refuse to be drugged up to the point I can't function and am willing to suffer quite a bit of pain in exchange for the ability to
: function. I think the one thing I can say is you can have all the strength of will in the world and you can't will yourself out of the pain of RSD. You can't will yourself better. There are tons of us out there who have believe and tried that too. I believed for years I could beat the RSD if I just ignored it enough, did twice the therapy recommended and hung in there. I was wrong. It was a very painful realization to come to. Now instead of trying to beat it, I use my strength to still get through PT each day and to try to have a normal life. I may never have the life I had before, but I can try to make the one I have the very best. Sometimes it takes all the will I have just to make it through the day. That happens to all of us at times. I think it is great that you work so hard to help yourself, but there are meds that may help you and make life a little more tolerable. It is a decision we all have to make for ourselves. Hang in there and good luck. Lee Ann LeAnn
Thanks for the words of advice. I just talked to the doctor and apparently he is not too happy that i am still having the extreme cold sensation in my foot/calf. I also mentioned that my back is hurting so bad (which was never a problem before) and that i just felt awful he has me going to see a vascular surgeon next week and then going to him for a followup. I see what you are saying about not being able to will yourself out of the RSD. I guess I haven't fully accepted that this could be a permanent condition yet. I keep hoping for that cure. I won't give up even if i never obtain the cure but it is very depressing knowing that life is not and might not ever be what it once was. What kinds of things do they do in physical therapy are they things that you can do at home? My doctor said i need to make time for that however, i keep arguing with him that i can workout at the gym or do the exercises on my own why do i need someone to be there while i do them. I went through MONTHS of PT in the beginning of all of this and then it never did anything.. never helped only aggravated and well i guess i am reluctant to go back if it will end up being wasted time. I really appreciate your talking to me.. as you can see i am full of frustration each day is another challenge and on days we don't feel well it makes it that much harder to keep going forward.
Thanks again.. it does help knowing that i am not alone and that there are others that can relate to what it is you are going through. It is so hard as you know, work has no idea why i have such gosh awful days when most days i "SEEM" just fine, they don't realize that then i go home to BED and can't move the rest of the night.. I don't mean to complain as you can see this is just a painful, frustrating time. Will let you know how my appts go next week. Thanks for listening.

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