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Re: i too have rsd

Re: i too have rsd

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Posted by Kathleen on September 02, 2000 at 19:50:17:

In Reply to: Re: i too have rsd posted by Shelley on November 29, 1999 at 00:12:09:

: My name is Shelley. I am 33years old and I too have RSD. I can completley understand the "All in you head problem" My mother in law was the worst, then next was my work -- needless to say I am unable to work and it is now 2 years later. At the advise of my attorney I no longer communicate directly with my(previous)employer. If they want to know anything my attorney now answers the questions. They had me tears several times. It got to the point where I was feeling guilty about getting hurt. Like - If I coouldn't change one thing in my life it would be that! Who wants to have chronic pain? No Thanks! I had a much better life and a fantastic career before this freak accident changed my life forever!!

: I have got a terrific family Dr as well as a great Neurologist who both back me up 110%.
: I went out of network to go to my Neurological group here in Phoenix AZ, BARROWS NEUROLOGICAL. I was also in line for the MAYO CLINIC in Scottsdale as well. I applied for SSI and was accepted my 1st application. That is rare indeed-but I had alot of testing documentation and my Drs as well to support me. I will become Medicare eligible in April 2000.

: Hopefully you will get, or possibly already have, a good support structure by your Drs - if not, you have the right to change them. I know it is hard because of the workman's comp regulations. Do you belong to a Union? Do you have an attorney for your protection?

: From what I understand once you have RSD it is forever. You may have times that are much better or worse than others. I find that speaking to others can be quite helpful. I too am leary about giving out email address so just post on the board if you want to talk. Good Luck!!

: Shelley

Shelley, I had a slight fall at work Aug of 96, and it all has gone down hill from there. Luckly for me, my rsd was diagnost 12-96, I now have awonderful doctor who talks and listens to me. I have been to 2 experts and they both agreed on the rsd. I have been to an independant doctor of the workers comp who the first time wrote that I was just in it for the money. Ha, I had been a waitress and a very good one at that, So, yeah the $100. a week was a great reason for me to stay home. I was so mad that I wrote a letter to the State workers comp board, and to my workers oomp agent, and had a long talk with my doc. But I had to see him again the next year(boy did I try to get out of it) But this time he wrote, this poor unfortunate lady has a true case of rsd/crps. What a jerk Dr. Rivard was and still is in my mind. i am very fortunate that I was only mistreated and misjudged by only one doctor. I have had bone scans, x-rays, mri's, blood test, nerve test, pt, sympathetic blocks, implants, ect. And alot of medications. I am depressed, was just married in 96 to a wonderful man who is so very understanding, He does most of the housework, all the cooking, puts on my shoes and socks. I don't know what my life would have been like without his support and love. And our son lives with us and helps out alot, especially with his great , funny attitude. I am working 3 1/2 hours for 3 days a week rolling silverware. I will eventually apply for ssi. I don' know when I can apply or how far along in my case that I can start the process. My life changed in an instant with the fall. Well, thanks for listening.

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