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Re: Spinal Cord Stimulator/RSD

Re: Spinal Cord Stimulator/RSD

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Posted by Sarah on December 01, 2000 at 14:38:36:

In Reply to: Re: Spinal Cord Stimulator/RSD posted by Maria on July 24, 2000 at 10:42:20:

: : : : Sorry, I don't have any personal experience with an SCS, since I decided not to get one, but good luck with it!!! :-) And please, whatever you do, if it doesn't work, DO NOT get a sympathectomy. They're terrible for RSDer's, and 4/5 of the time, they harn people more than they help them.

: : : : Take Care, and Good luck!!!

: : : : ~Tiff

: : :
: : : Hi Tiff, Thank you for your response...Thats scary..because my Dr. has recommended that next if this SCS doesnt work...Thank you for the input.take care...Maria

: : Maria,
: : Hi! I hope your SCS works as well as I know they can when done correctly. Good luck with your surgery. I do have to agree witth Tiff on the sympathectomy. I had one at about the two year point. Ideally it should have worked well because the sympathetic blocks worked so well for me, but it only gave me relief for about 2 months and then the pain was back full blown. Now I just have to deal with the unpleasant after effects of the sympathectomy. Believe me the not sweating is not as good as it sounds. You sweat twice as much everywhere else and you over heat easily. Plus I have residual pain from the sympathectomy itself. If there is one thing I could undo that I have done in my search for pain relief it would be the sympathectomy. Think carefully before you do it. If your sypmathetic blocks don't give you excellent relief, DON'T DO IT AT ALL. I do understand how desperate we get for pain relief I myself have tried it all, but don't jump into a neurodestructive surgery without very careful consideration. I will pray for you. Here is wishing you pain free days. Lee Ann

: Lee Ann: Yes, I believe that a sympathectomy would be a mistake for me as well. I had a hard time making a decision for the SCS. But, I feel that this may help me. I hve tried at least 25 medications with no significant results. I have tried Epidurals, cortisone shots, Physical Therapy...on and on..the list goes...But I'm hopeful that the SCS will at least help me with endurance. My legs are weak after only walking short the cramping pain in the feet and legs is just about done me in. I'm not sure when i will be going for the procedure..I'm hoping get on with it. Thank you for your prayers...we all need a support group of some kind and so far this has been a pleasent one. Thank you all...for your responses..Maria

:::*********** Hey Guys I have a dear dear friend who has RSD and may have to lose her leg. I am a Med Student and am writting a paper about RSd doing a case study on her. But I would like to know if I could get some personal stories, and or information that any of you have. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!! Take care and good luck...the people who live with RSD gove me inspiration you all have to be the strongest people in the world.
Thanks Again!

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