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Re: does anyone have leg pains and adominal cramps at the same time?

Re: does anyone have leg pains and adominal cramps at the same time?

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Posted by S on September 27, 2000 at 13:33:08:

In Reply to: Re: does anyone have leg pains and adominal cramps at the same time? posted by Hilda on September 27, 2000 at 01:44:43:

: : : For about 10 days now I have been having these leg pains that are only relieved when I move around a lot. When I am still I have to constantly move them around because they hurt so bad. About 4 days ago I started to have something like menstrual cramps but it isnt time for my period. Now I noticed everytime I get a a bad menstrual type cramp my legs ache even more. It is awful. It happens in the evening before bed and does not stop until I move around the next day. I have to take advil to sleep at night.

: : : Does anyone have the combined abdominal cramps and leg pains at the same time?

: : Hi S,
: : Some of your symtoms sounds similar to mine, but mine is coming from my low back causing this leg and cramps. Have you thought of checking this out with your doctor? Sorry to hear about you pain, it sounds ruff. Hope I have helped,Bless you Doris
: Hi S,
: I was just telling my daughter that restless leg runs in the family and she mention she had it
: but, also the abdominal pain which nobody else in the family has it..

This is S. again. I did some research on RLS and discovered that it can be trigggered if your iron and folate levels are low. I have always been a little anemic so I could relate. I went to GNC and picked up a bottle of thier womens multiple vitamin with iron and folic acid and my leg pain has completely stopped. The only thing is it makes your urine lime green. I still have adominal cramps but I think that is something else entirely. Hope I helped someone out there!

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