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Re: Thanks Chuck for Dopamine Info

Re: Thanks Chuck for Dopamine Info

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Posted by Don on December 21, 1999 at 01:39:28:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks Chuck for Dopamine Info posted by Marianne on November 19, 1999 at 23:40:43:

: :
: : : : Sorry to barge in but NBC this morning had
: a piece on RLS with a Doctor claiming most Docs
: are unfamilar with the disease. He further stated
: that once accurately diagnosed that treatment
: with Dopamine results in a large sucess rate.

: : : : I don't know anything about RLS it but
: thought I'd pass this on for whatever ~~~~~ maybe
: helpful. Bye.

: : : I've spent about two hours on the internet
: trying to find this information out. It's not
: listed on any NBC web information that I can
: find. Does anyone know any more? Like who is the
: doctor? Does he have a web site or a book?

: : If you think that you may have RLS you will
: probably want to make an appt.with a neurologist.
: : Some specialize in sleep disorders.I had a
: sleep study test done and was diagnosed, I also
: have severe leg cramps.There are many types of
: medications.The lack of sleep catches up with you
: eventually.I was recently injured in a car
: accident due to lack of sleep. So please do look
: into the problem further.
: : Hope this helps. Chris

: This is my first time here so I apologize if I am not doing this correctly. The doctor on tv who was talking about RLS is Dr. Timothy Johnson and he has been a health advisor on tv for many years. He has always seemd to have logical and sound advice. I came here looking for more information on the treatment of RLS through the use of medicine commonly used for Parkinson's Disease that Dr. Tim was talking about but I didn't find anything about it either. I'll keep checking back but if anyone has any more information I'd love to hear from you.

I also saw Dr. Tim Johnson. He said that his wife had suffered with RLS for years before being diagnosed during a sleep disorder test. She was administered dopamine, and, according to Dr. Tim, was immediately able to sleep through the night. Dr. Tim actually said it was almost "miraculous".

I identified with with symptoms Dr. Tim described and began researching dopamine on the Net. Found an interesting article titled "It's Your Chemistry" by Charles E. Gant, MD,PhD on ADD/ADHD. He presents a few more symptoms that sound familiar: Dopamine Deficiency also causes the person to become unfocused and distractible (characteristics of ADD), and diminishes the "productive memory".

Found another good article on the Mayo Clinic website titled "Got 'crawly' legs?", which also made a minor connection between RLS and ADD. One researcher said they are now looking at the brain stem and chemical imbalances in the brain possibly being linked to RLS. The article goes into numerous remedies, including dopamine agonist.

Sorry, but my printer did not print the web addresses on these articles. Will report any new findings that seem relevant.

Best to all.


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