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Re: Restless Legs with no pain.

Re: Restless Legs with no pain.

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Posted by Charles E. Malcom on December 26, 1999 at 22:41:00:

In Reply to: Restless Legs with no pain. posted by Crazy Legs on November 26, 1999 at 22:20:52:

Crazy Legs: My first advice is go see a neurologist, or a health specialist for RLS. I, too, have suffered with RLS for about ten years, and believe me, it has been hell. When I was first diagnosed in 1990, I was placed on Klonopin, and it took two years for the shaking to subside to the point where I could get a decent night's sleep. But the RLS returned after I stopped taking the medication. Again, the Klonopin helped, but the RLS always returns. In 1995 it returned with a vengence and I've been in misery ever since. I toughed it out for a while; then got my doctor to give me sleeping pills, but they left me so drugged up that I couldn't work, so I had to stop those. Right now I am on Klonopin again (going on four months) and am just now starting to get a reasonable night's sleep.
I don't think anyone has a cure, but I do believe that you can get some relief. Please, go see a specialist. There are many around now-a-days. I wish you luck.I have not been diagnosed, yet I've been experiencing restless leg syndrome for the past 10 years, off and on.
: The only thing is, I'm reading a lot about people experiencing pain. Is this the norm for restless leg? or can you have it without pain. I just get an uncontrollable urge to kick and the more I try to relax the worse it gets. And it last all night. But, I don't have any pain before, during or after.
: I also sometimes get it during the day where I have to bounce my leg continuously. Plane rides are hell.
: Does anyone else have this without pain? Or do I maybe just have something else?

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