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Re: hereditary?

Re: hereditary?

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Posted by Lynette on January 13, 2000 at 09:57:33:

In Reply to: Re: hereditary? posted by Roy on December 22, 1999 at 02:01:31:

: : I just recently heard about RLS, and it amazed me that the symptoms i was having at night, was not just something unique to me, or at least my family. My mother talked about her legs hurting at night for years, and until the last couple of years I didn't understand exactly what she meant until, she started explaining it in more detail. She described it as an itching under her skin, as if she could scratch her bones it would'nt bother her so much. She also mentioned the urge to shake her legs all the time. I was amazed when I also began having these same syptoms and the only releif I have gotten is from a really hot bath. Never seen a doctor for this because it is infrequent, and the bath always helps. I'm 28 so, I'm expecting it to get worse as I get older, according to what I hear. Does anyone else have relatives, who also have RLS? I'm interested to hear about that. I'm also amazed that I happened to come across this information on RLS by accident. It is not well known condition. I am an LPN and have never even heard it mentioned that makes me sad and mad at the same time. Good luck to everyone!
: Rls is hereditary and can come from either male or female ancestors.
Re: Hereditary? How strange to find others with this same problem. When my Dad first falls asleep, you can hear a very rythmic swoosh, pause, pause, swoosh. This is the sound of his leg involuntarily sweeping across the sheet. As for me, I can't go to sleep facing my husband, because I start involuntarily kicking him (a hard nudge would be my guess.) I'm totally unaware of it, and am always surprised when he wakes me to tell me to turn over. I guess I'm just barely asleep at the time. Also, a vehicle ride home at night after sitting for the evening drives my legs up the wall, have to keep moving them. The last factor which makes it worse is sugar in the evening. Two pieces of peanut brittle at 8:30 last night and I kissed my night's rest bye bye, as my legs kept having to be moved right about the time I'd drift off, about three hours of this.
This is all so fascinating to me. Didn't even get into my husband's problem. He has to keep a constant motion going in his legs, a fast steady little jerky thing, like drumming your finger on the table, to get his legs to relax to go to sleep. He has numbness and tingling from his feet to sometimes over his hips. Could his be environmental? Good Luck

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