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Re: Quinine Poisining - WARNING! WARNING! PLEASE READ!

Re: Quinine Poisining - WARNING! WARNING! PLEASE READ!

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Posted by Gale on April 04, 2000 at 23:32:51:

In Reply to: Re: Quinine Poisining - WARNING! WARNING! PLEASE READ! posted by Ruth Wilson on March 26, 2000 at 04:04:26:

: : : My mom also suffered from nightly leg cramps and restless legs. She, at first, was taking the "natural" leg cramp pills very rarely. Then she had a prescription of Quinine and took only one pill when she became very ill. Her platelets went down to 200 (when you should have 100,000-300,000). After two months of hospitilizations and now kidney failure, the doctors have finally diagnosed her with Quinine Antibody which can cause death. The Quinine antibodies act like platelets and destroy the good platelets. Eventually you bleed internally to death. This only occurs in a very small percentage of people, but please be aware!

: : My mom also suffered from this and was given Quinine She had kidney failure but didn't die till she was older but I am sure the quinine put her kidney at risk

: Wow, this really freaks me out! I am in end stage renal failure & on dialysis. I was diagnosed with RLS which they say is a side effect of kidney failure. After many, many different drugs which all failed, my nephralogist gave me Quinine to treat my RLS! I definitely will discuss this platelet thing with him. Thanks for the info!!! Ruth

I have had excessive foot cramps for years and are becoming noticably more frequent over the past few years. I have read EVERYTHING and the only thing that makes sense is related to hormone imbalance.(It was worse when i was on Tamoxifen which is an estrogen blocker). they are now almost a daily occurance. I have tried every remedy but only quinine works. It is over the counter from the druggist. I only take it when I just can't bear it anymore (once a week or so) because it leaves a horrible metallic taste in my mouth.I have triedcalcium/magnesium and dolomite also. Any other ideas? I will bring up the platelet thingwith my doc next time.Gale

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