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Periphical Nervous System trauma by Imported Fire Ants (IFA) & bee stings.

Periphical Nervous System trauma by Imported Fire Ants (IFA) & bee stings.

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Posted by John E. hoyt on May 23, 2000 at 11:20:18:

I am 53, male, while working as a Field Surveyor on Hilton Haed Island, SC
i was bit several times by fire ants, some multiple Imported fire ants thoughout
the year. in Fall of 1998, I was stung by Imported fire Ants, and stung by 18-30 yellow jackets
on hands and feet, twice within a 6 week period, I developed an atrial-flutter both times and
had to be cardio-verted both times, my angio-graphy shows no pre-existing heart problem. Within a week
after the 2nd IFA & Bee stings incidence, I developed an Atrial-Fibrilation. During the course of
heart drug therapy for the first IFA & Bee sting, I was treated with many drugs trying to knock my
heart back into normal sinus rhythmn. During and since that time I developed Severe Tinnitus, have
severe twitching & cramping in both calves & feet, and around all parts of body at times. I have
intolerable to ALL Heart Drug therapies, to knock out the Atrial-Fib. now for 1 1/2 yrs. = 15 meds.
sometimes the feet & calve cramping & twitching subsided, but with the current trial of heart drugs
being "Altace" )10 mgs/day) & "Carvedilol" (3.125mgs 2x/day). (I ahve same intolerable reactions
to other beta-adren-blocker heart meds. Currently, I have been in a constant episode of A-FIB now for 3 months,
my Tinnitus is severe, twitching of nerve muscles. frequent urination, headaches, (dizziness, near-fainting to
syncope at several times per day). i & 5 cardiologists have thought that I was sensitive to Meds., but not until
I was reading up on insects and nervous system problems did I come across tinnitus, arrhythmia, calve & feet
twitching & cramping, that severity of these syptoms get worse, and other syptoms, that I might have some injury
of my nervous sytem., particularly, the Periphical Nervous System, (lesions, etc). That my intolerable to ALL
heart meds. in nearly the same way, believes to me, that maybe, its not an allergy reaction, but an
immune response &/or a nervous sytem response, to damage. I have been Approved and selected and recommeded by
"6" cardiologist to have the MAZE Surgery of the Heart, but I would like to explore the possibility that maybe, the
misfiring of the Heart is part of the Nervous System twitching & cramping all over my body. That to have this
open-heart mutiple nerve ablation might not cure the problems or cure the Heart Nerves only I have been declared
Disabled now nby the Social security administration. Medicare will kick in in, June 2001. I would like a feel of
1) what to expect maybe in my case, of these Bees & IFA, if not treated or treated for a nervous sytewm complication?
2) Is their drugs for the nervous sytem to help me stop these symptoms??
Note-I have moved from the South, back to the North-MI, as my Emory Allergist/Immunologist told me I was in a life-
threatening suituation, around IFA's and possibly Bees,& cannot take epinephrine, as would be dangerous for my
heart condition. I carry a kit now, of prednizone & benadryl. Move away from IFA habitat or to a 10 degree freeaze Line,
as UI had a severe reaction to IFA WBE in RAST Test, showed lower with bees, couldn't complete test of bees, as 1/1000th
prick test gave me an allergic reaction-started into anaphylactic shock-given meds, right away.
3) Does it sound plausible that bees & Imported Fire Ants, could have caused this, and a nervous sytem failure or damage??
Thank You,
John E. Hoyt
mailto: [email protected]

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