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Re: Does anyone have symptoms including morning"hangover" etc.??? Help!

Re: Does anyone have symptoms including morning"hangover" etc.??? Help!

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Posted by terri on August 12, 2000 at 17:44:01:

In Reply to: Re: Does anyone have symptoms including morning"hangover" etc.??? Help! posted by Lynn on August 06, 2000 at 16:51:05:

sounds like you and the previous poster have fibromyalgia.i know all those symptoms and more.go to, you will find an article about fibromyalgia and restless legs.i'm an rn so i've been educated about many medical conditions.and yes fibromyalgia is is centered somewhere in the brain or spinal nerves {central nervous system} therefore causing not only pain {anywhere in the body} but also multiple neuropathies such as numbness, tingling, muscle twitches, nerve pain, fatigue {massive}, skin feeling like its heating up from the inside then going away,headaches, tremors- hands, legs anywhere,memory confusion and loss,words mixing up when speaking, these are just a few to mention.this is a neurological condition,and restless legs is just another symptom.unfortunately many dr's are not aware, or not as aware as they need to be.i see a rheumatologist/specialist/researcher at georgetown medical center in wash. d.c. dr. daniel clauw. he is top notch in this field. he speaks all over the world..he does see patients one day a week, the other days he see's other pt's for other problems, and he also does research on fibromyalgia at nih and other major institutions.right now he is not seeing pt's until next july. he's is leading major research for 1 year.his practice is still seeing pt's by another dr who has been working side by side for many years with him.anyone can schedule an forewarned it usually takes a few weeks to months for an apppt., because people from all over the place come there.the best drugs i've been on so far are: neurontin {this drug has given me the most relief}, wellbutrin {this drug is for increased energy as well as decreasing pain .it does increase the serotonin, but also increase's dopamine, and norepiphrine levels}.these are the best drugs {for me} that don't cloud my mind or keep me sleepy.i'm sure if you contact dr. clauw's office they would send info regarding fibromyalgia and places of organizations for further info. the number is 2026878233. i hope this helps. good luck, we all need it. : : Hello:

: : I am desperate. I can't take this anymore. Yes, I have RLS. The restless legs themselves weren't bothering me too much until I was put on meds that are making it worse. But I also have so many other things. I have flu like aching all the time esp in the legs and arms and chest. Wake up every morning feeling like I drank a bottle of booze. I don't drink. Exhausted all the time. Often feeling like I can't move. Please, I could use some feedback or an email if you have the time.

: : [email protected]

: : Billy

: Boy do I feel for you!! I have also taken several meds - Sinemet turned into a disaster - Klonopin is working at the present, but have to take so much of it that also feel like I have a "hanover" in the morning. I too don't drink - found that alcohol made my legs worse. My PCP has recommended me to a "Sleep Specialist" - I see him August 23rd. I'll let you know if I find anything out. Lynn

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