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Re: Girfriend has a penis

Re: Girfriend has a penis

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Posted by David Aaron on September 15, 2000 at 19:34:55:

In Reply to: Girfriend has a penis posted by Robert on September 15, 2000 at 13:36:25:

: I took a long time for me to get my girlfriend to go to bed with me, she was always shy and now I think I know why. You see, as well as having all you would expect a girl to have, she also has a very small penis, about 1 1/2 inches long. She told me that it isnt that uncommon for people to be either not completely male or not completely female, but usually they have an operation soon after birth. In her case, it was against her parents religion, they thought that this is how god intended her to be.

: Although it doesnt function fully as a penis and there are no testicles, she showed me that she can stimulate it to harden a bit and it gives her a good feeling.

: Ive never haerd that a girl can have a penis before, maybe someone can tell me more about it.

Others on this site have or will try to convince you that your girlfriend just has a large clitoris. However, I am not sure that would be accurate. Your girl friend is correct, it probably is a partial-undeveloped penis and shockingly it is not that uncommon. The condition is called Pseudo Hermaphroditic. Unfortunately, this term has acquired a somewhat negative connotation so I would not suggest that you tell her this unless you have really good communication. But this is the term you will need to use to find additional information.

Your girlfriend is not part “man” it is just a slight birth defect. It may also help to achieve organisms much easier than other women. My advice is to enjoy it, play with it, and do what ever pleases her. This does not mean you are gay or bi-sexual and neither am I. But if it repulses you that stay away from it.

Also I do not know you age or you level of maturity, but I would suggest not sharing anatomical information about girlfriend with your friends, most people seem to have a hard time dealing with what they don’t understand and may make life hard for you and your girlfriend.

--David Aaron

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