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Re: Melluscum contagrosium

Re: Melluscum contagrosium

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Posted by Tina on January 30, 2000 at 00:27:59:

In Reply to: Re: Melluscum contagrosium posted by concerned mother on January 18, 2000 at 12:35:30:

: : : I have recently been diagnosed with Melluscum Contagrosium. I have been told it is not necessarily an STD, but I must have no sexual relations until I am totally healed. I would like to know just how contageous this is, how long before it is gone,what process did you go through to get rid of it? I have a relatively new partner who is clean. The last partner I had was six months prior to the outbreak and I noticed the spots three months after starting the new relationship. How is this contracted and do I need to be concerned about casual contact with others? Can it be spread by contact with a toilet seat? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
: : I have somthing that has been missed by three Dr's, 2 of them Dermatologists. I have not heard of this condition. What exactly are your symptoms? I sounds like they may be similar to mine...

: My 3 year old daughter has had melluscum, prooving it is not always a sexually transmitted disease. Hers was diagnosed by a dermatologist. They are small almost pimple like dots that are different sizes.
: Some can get quite large. She has them on her thighs, and her tummy and chest. She just broke out with them again, i haven't seen them since she was first diagnosed as a baby. I was looking for more information and this is the only site that mentions it. Although, I remember the dermatologist telling me this was hardly ever seen in adults that my husband and myself would most likely not get it.

: Hi,just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Up until about 4 months ago I had never heard of this very rare virus. When realized that the "HAIR BUMPS" were not going away I then contacted my doctor. The only option that we really discussed was laser surgery. My infection was limited to one "quadrant", if you will, of the external vagina. I had the surgery done and was very excited. Everthing looked really good and I was cured! About 1-2 weeks later I realized that the virus had simply moved to another quadrant.Now I have more lesions. I'm not telling you this to upset you but so that you will thoroughly discuss all options with your doctor. The laser surgery also left me with moderate scarring. Cryosurgery may be an option for you. I'm sure you've been surfing the web, there is a ton of info. regarding molluscum including topical drugs. I've been infected for almost a year and yesterday I developed my first lesion on my finger. I was horrified! I later realized that I had infected myself by touching one of the lesions and not washing my hands. Good hygiene is essential with this disease. It is highly contagious. The lesion on my hand is red, raised, and watery. I have an appointment to see my doctor on monday. This disease can be spread my skin to skin contact (sex with a condom)also through towels and clothing. Towels are one of the innocent ways that kids contract this. When I spoke to the guy who gave me this he told me that he was asymptomatic and I believe him. He may have just been a carrier. I hope I haven't upset you I only wanted to help. Continue to surf the web. Good luck to you and hang in there!

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