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Asymptotic Gonorrhea or.....? Please Help!!!

Asymptotic Gonorrhea or.....? Please Help!!!

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Posted by Gabe on February 29, 2000 at 00:05:14:

Hey all, this isn't a life or death thing, but I would REALLY appreciate some info/advice.....

Lately (the last three months or so) I've noticed a temporary reddening and swelling of my penis around the entrance to the urethra after urination that ONLY occurs after having ejaculated. There is no pain or burning that accompanies this, other than mental anguish on my part because it is a NOTICEABLE difference. The rest of the time things seem to be OK, and there's no discomfort or abnormalities.

I've only had one sexual partner, and that ended almost three years ago. We practiced safe sex the entire time we were together. Also, there were never any lesions, chanchres, bumps, or any discharge etc. to indicate there was any transmission of disease. Also, my girlfriend had had a full STD screen not more than a year before we were sleeping together and everything came back negative.

I'm putting this one out here on the board because I already went to my family physician to get a what I thought was a UTI (increased frequency of urination and slight lower abdominal discomfort) checked out about six months ago and they didn't find anything conclusive. I hadn't noticed this little phenominon at that time, but I'm assuming it would be related. Anyway, we didn't do a full out STD screen, but they did take urine samples and perform a cytoplasm (sp?) smear, and I THOUGHT that test would show Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, etc. right? They also checked my prostate, testicles, etc.

They couldn't find anything wrong, but they gave me a perscription for Levaquin (sp?) on general principles and the UTI symptoms went away. I haven't had any sexual partners since the examination, but I SEEM to have developed (or retained) this little malady.

My primary concern is that this could be an onset stage of some form of Chlamydia induced urethral stricture/scarring. But I'm not really sure what to even call this, and I'm not in a real hurry to go back to a physician and have more ineffective treatments either... So I thought I would give the board's collective experience&intelligence a shot at this one.

Again, any help/info/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! G.

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