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Re: bumps on outer vaginal area and vaginal lips

Re: bumps on outer vaginal area and vaginal lips

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Posted by jo on April 02, 2000 at 18:24:32:

In Reply to: Re: bumps on outer vaginal area and vaginal lips posted by NOTSEXUALY ACTIVE on March 28, 2000 at 15:39:35:

: : : : yesterday i woke up and had 2 painful small bumps, one on the vaginal lip and the other on the outer wall near where the pubic hair begins. they burn somewhat and occasionally itch. one is the same color as the flesh there, the one on the outer wall is sort of white. is this some type of std or something else? please give advice! thanx.

: Yeah I have the same problem!!! Just about 2 days aga I got 1 single bump on my outta vagina, and I am freaking out that it might be genital warts. B UT from what I hear genital warts are passed on through sexual activies, which I am not involved in. I am only 14, and the only person ever down there is me.I really really really need some help. I dont think I would be able to find this page again, so If you could PLEASE email me ASAP Id appriciate it.

If you're not sexually active a STD isn't likely to be the cause. If it's in an area with hair it could be an ingrown or unerupted hair or pimple. A bump in the inner-lip area can be a plugged, or clogged, gland. These glands help produce vaginal lubrication. They can get irritated from friction, tampon strings, etc. and then burn and/or itch when urine hits them. Try to cut down on any irritant. A small dab of vaseline on the bump helps keep urine off. If the bump gets larger or hurts even when not irritated you need to see a doctor. If it really worries or you're seriously freaking you NEED to get it checked out. If you don't want your parents to know go to your local Planned Parenthood office. If there isn't one close by try to find a STD clinic. A STD Clinic can help ease your mind and give you some info, even if you don't have a STD or aren't sexually active. Look in your phone book, most have a seperate, colored, section with listings for places to help with all sorts of things. Planned Parenthood will NOT TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!!! Or anyone! At 14 you're old enough to start taking care of your sexual/reproductive health. And starting BEFORE you become sexually active is the best time to start. You will be better prepared to look after and protect yourself when you do become active. No one else can, or be trusted to, do it better. That's the way it should be because you're the one that will have to deal any health problems. Few things are as wonderful as a satisfying and healthy sex life. When you're ready to make that choice what will make it satisfying is a very individual thing. But what will make it healthy isn't! Be smart, educate yourself. Decide what health risks you will NOT take! All the "I love you" and "Trust me's" whispered in the heat of the moment won't make an STD or pregnancy go away. Use your head and take care of If someone truly cares he/she will cooperate and think more of you for it. After all, the choices that keep you healthy also protect those you get close to.

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