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living with hpv

living with hpv

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Posted by paul on July 06, 2000 at 08:12:38:

This is from Dr. bill on

The human papilloma virus (HPV) causes warts, which can occur on any skin or mucus membrane surface. Most are easily treated and are not life threatening. The serious disease that it causes is cervical cancer in women, and it is totally preventable with regular Pap smears. I don't see any reason why you should give up sex, though I think you should be honest about your HPV status, and talk about it with any serious partner.

Using condoms prevents transmission of HPV, along with lots of more serious conditions. Keep in mind that there are about 60 HPV strains, and only four to five of them cause cancer of the cervix. The others are merely annoying. Do you want to give up sexual activity forever to avoid transmitting a disease that is merely annoying? Why are you talking about giving up masturbation? Who are you infecting? Why deny yourself this pleasure? Will total lack of sexual activity give you prostate problems? Yes, very possibly.

Keep in mind the statistics! About 40 percent of sexually active women have HPV infection, and probably an equal number of men, or more, are infected. This is a condition that most of us must deal with, and the solution, at least at the moment, is safe sex and, for women, regular Pap smears.

Viral infections have been a part of human existence since the beginning of time, and may have contributed important positive traits to our species. They have also caused terrible epidemics, such as smallpox. But to think that you are contaminated if you have any viral infection is to deny the reality of human evolution and development. We all carry viruses, some trivial, some significant. What is important is to try to sort out the trivial from the significant, and deal with the latter. If you have other valid reasons for adopting a celibate lifestyle, then of course you may do so, but being infected with HPV is not one of them.

Go to and read Dr.bill on hpv. it help me.

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