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Diagnosed with HPV but a virgin...

Diagnosed with HPV but a virgin...

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Posted by grrl on October 11, 2000 at 16:10:45:

Okay, here's my story...
I am a virgin. About 5 years ago I noticed several fleshy extension-like bumps around the opening of my vagina. I told my mother and she said they were nothing. I told my grandmother and she said that the vagina is supposed to look "scalloped".
About 6 months ago, I noticed that the bumps seemed considerably larger (or maybe I just didn't notice their size earlier) and when I inserted tampons, the pain was on the virge of unbearable. So, again, I told my mother, but now they thought I was sexually active (I had a boyfriend) so they thought I had an STD. I kept telling them I was virgin and that I couldn't possibly have an STD. But they didn't totally believe me.
My mother got me an appointment with a gynecologist, and he said that I had HPV, or human papillomavirus, an STD. He thinks I got it from a public restroom.
I have always worried about the cleanliness of public restrooms so I rarely ever used one, and when I did, I didn't let my body come in contact with the seat. The chances of me getting HPV from an infected toilet seat would have to be very small. He also looked inside me with that very cold metal thing (I can't think of it's name) and said that there were no internal bumps.
Yet, he still insisted that I had HPV. He took a pap smear and other routine things. Later that day, I inspected myself and I did find bumps up inside me about 2 inches, although he claimed there were none. I came back for treatment of my warts later, and the results of my pap smear were, in his words, "completely normal". I read on the internet that HPV shows up on pap smears, and he said that "everthing is perfect". He said he had seen enough cases of HPV to know what it looked like. He applied podophylin (sp.?) and I left.
The next day, I noticed I was very itchy and had a very thick discharge. Despite many yeast infection treatments, it would not go away. This was about 5 months ago, and it has just now began to subside (on it's on mind you).
And, the bumps are still there and there has been NO change in them whatsoever. As the doctor applied the podophylin, he remarked that the majority of the bumps should go away with the first application, and that a second application should be neccasary and that a third application is rare. It seems to me that if this treatment works that good, shouldn't I have seen some improvement?
I should also tell you that I have had memories of my cousin forcing my to french-kiss him when I was younger. It could be possibly that he molested/raped me when I was younger. I could have gotten the HPV (if it is HPV) from him.
And if I did get HPV from a toilet, how come I have bumps up inside me?
I guess my questions are...
How likely is it that I got this from a toilet?
How likely is it that I was misdiagnosed?
If I was misdiagnosed, what else could it possibly be?


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