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White bumps on penis

White bumps on penis

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Posted by Really Scared!! terrified!! please help! on October 30, 2000 at 01:10:42:

I am really scared. I am an 18 year old Male. I have had one partner who I was sexually active with. It's been a year since I have had sex. I developed a small white bump on my penis last year. I'm pretty sure it was before I started having sex but not posotive. I thought nothing of it. I figured it was just a pimple or something. The bump never went away. This year, like 5 months ago I developed another one. This one never went away either. They are at the bottom of my shaft almost where the penis meets the scrotum. They aren't RIGHT beside eachother but in the general area. There is no discharge. They don't hurt. They don't itch. They look like whiteheads. You can hardly notice them when flacid but when I get an erection they are more noticable. I've been researching over the internet and have came across some possiblities such as Fordyce spots or sebceaous cysts or something (not quite sure of the spelling) I have also came across a condition known as pearly-papules, But they seem to be only around the head on uncircumcised men.I have seen pictures of genital warts, but it resembles nothing like that. I really hope this isn't an STD. I have found that alot of other males seem to have the same problem while researching. Can someone tell me what they are? Like I said, They remind me of a pimple...could they be a clogged hair folicle? I'm afraid to try and apply too much pressure to try and pop them. It hurts when I try. I never noticed them till I started a new job working on cars in which case I was very oily by the end of the day and sweating all day long. Please help! I'm scared

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