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Re: oral warts?? Please help me out! for RUSS :)

Re: oral warts?? Please help me out! for RUSS :)

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Posted by one more question on December 10, 2000 at 18:13:53:

In Reply to: Re: oral warts?? Please help me out! for RUSS :) posted by Lia on December 10, 2000 at 17:18:25:

hello again, i have one more question.
How much did the laser surgery cost??
thanks again
: Russ,

: I would seriously suggest you get your girlfriend to get laser surgery. What happens is you go in and have the area checked by an ob/gyn and they set up the date of surgery. You get put under (so you can't drink or eat several hours before surgery, and only be able to eat lightly the day before and several hours after surgery) general anesthesia, and you don't really feel a thing. The doctor may prescribe darvocet, which is a stronger version of vicadin (it's ibuprofin based, so it's VERY effective). For me personally, I didn't need ANY of it. I was sore down there after a day (you don't really feel anything until a day later since you still have anesthesia in you, so you need someone to stay with you at all times until it's completely out of your system). Plus I got a rash for a while, so it was painful whenever I had to go to the bathroom, and I don't recommend sex for at least a few weeks after surgery. But hey, you're less likely to get a recurrence if you get laser surgery. Plus don't shave down there. That makes you more susceptable to future warts. Also, you should also make sure to ALWAYS use condoms...or practice abstinence until you have warts and get treated because you're still able to give your girlfriend warts if you haven't had them yet (you're most contagious before and during the period you have warts). And always remember, warts can be microscopic, so that's why it's best with laser b/c those would be seen immediately and be rid of. One last thing, after laser surgery, if your girlfriend gets any irritation or a rash develops, salt mixed with warm water should be applied. Just ask the ob/gyn and he/she will answer any questions you may have. Take care and good luck. :)

: : What you may be seeing are taste buds. They get larger towards the back of your tongue, and look similar to very small genetal warts.
: : But I'm not sure so I would see a doctor anyway.

: : So now I have a question for you:

: : My girlfriend and I have genetal warts. I do not have any active warts, but she does. She has been using the podofilox(sp?) gel stuff for about 3 months now. Just when she is about to get rid of them all, 5 more appear. It's VERY frusterating for the both of us(making love is not suspose to hurt...:( ) Well I guess you could say she hasnt had much luck. I have told her she should consider laser therapy, she doesnt really wants to though...she thinks it will be very painful.
: : Well, I want your opinion on this. Do you think laser therapy is the way to go? Does it hurt at all, or a lot? Did you have trouble with podofilox gel? Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
: : Thank you.
: : Sincerely,
: : ~Russ
: : : I recently noticed wart-like bumps in the very back of my tongue. They range in size, but I'm not sure if it's normal or if it could be HPV warts. I have been diagnosed w/ HPV earlier (given to me by my ex-boyfriend) this year and treated w/ laser surgery over the summer (4 months ago), and since then haven't had a break out (down in my vaginal area), though I have had a bit of irritation during sex/menstruation. But I suppose that's normal to some extent since I'm also on ortho-tricyclen. Anyway, I was told that oral warts are VERY rare, though possible for HPV carriers. Who do I go for to check it out? Also, is there a way for me to find out if that's what it is? Is it easily treated? Same procedure as my genital warts were? Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate this. :)

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