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13 yr. old daughter hair falling out /shedding

13 yr. old daughter hair falling out /shedding

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Posted by Oralia on December 21, 2000 at 09:08:51:

My daughter had long healthy hair up to age 10 without any chemicals put into the hair. She has thick hair, but it is soft. The summer of age 10 she began her menstral and I also, let her get her hair braided using her hair only in regular row braids (no micro). One day she decided she didn't want to take her braids out the right way and ripped them out and there was hair all over the floor, since there her hair has not grown properly. I let her get a Dudley's relaxer 6months prior to her 13th birthday. It didn't really take and within 2 weeks her hair was shedding like crazy. I called the beautician and she informed me some shedding was natural due to chemicals, but nothing drastic - take her and have her hair deep conditioned, and I did. It stop shedding for like 2 weeks and started again. When I took her to get her touch up at 6/7 weeks the stylist said to keep an eye on the breakage in the back. She's been shedding ever since. Now, she has a speech dysfluency and it is very stressful for her to speak at times. I feel the hair falling out is stress related because I have long hair and I continuously lose my hair in one area only when I become stress out. I took her for a physical and all is well. I've been told it's probably just her hormones, but she's had her menstral for 31/2 years now and I didn't use chemicals until close to her 13th birthday. At this time I just put a PCJ nutri-sheen childrens relaxer in it, that was recommened by my beautician since the adult strength relaxer at the salon doesn't stay on long enough to take due to her burning and it's off with the hair still being somewhat thick to the root. I've purchased some shea butter and have just begun to use it on her hair. IT's so thick. So far she has no ball spots but from the back of her head and now the sides it's thining out more and more. The top front of her hair is healthy and full. I don't want to keep taking her to salons that aren't educated on good healthy hair care and aren't aware of hair problems with solutions. I live in Bel Air,MD and I wanted to know if you know of anyone who would be able to help me. My next plan was to get her hair cut into a style with what hair is left so all her ends can get together, but I'm unable to leave the relaxer on long enough for it to be straight enough. Also, I haven't used any heat hair styling aids on her hair. I only roll/set/hood dryer. Thinking about going to air dry only.

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