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Re: Vinegar treatment for toenail fungus?

Re: Vinegar treatment for toenail fungus?

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Posted by G. Bick on December 21, 2000 at 15:13:42:

In Reply to: Re: Vinegar treatment for toenail fungus? posted by Marti on November 07, 2000 at 21:16:58:

: : : : I can't seem to find a site I was reading last night about using two drops of distilled vinegar twice a day to get rid of toenail fungus. I planned on going to the site today to read more but can't find it. Has anyone ever tried this remedy and has it worked?

: : : A true toenail fungus cannot be 'cured' by emmersion in a vinegar solution. All it may do is keep it under control. "A fungal or yeast infection which results in Onychomycosis, can invade through a tear in the proximal and lateral nail folds as well as the eponychium. This type of infection is characterized by onycholysis (nail plate separation) with evident debris under the nail plate. It normally appears white or yellowish in color, and may also change the texture and shape of the nail. The fungus digests the keratin protein of which the nail plate is comprised. As the infection progresses, organic debris accumulates under the nail plate often discoloring it. Other infectious organisms may be involved, and if left untreated, the nail plate may separate from the nail bed and crumble off." If you want to get rid of it completely, see a dermatologist who understands nail disorders, have him take a culture to determine if it is indeed fungal or yeast(Candida) and take the proper medication to remedy the situation. It will only end up effecting your other nails as well.
: : or you can try white iodine or monostat yeah for yeast or a variety of over the counter antifungals

: Neither of these 'home remedies' are capable of 'killing' a true yeast or fungal infection. Just because Monostat will alleviate a vaginal yeast infection (candida) does not mean it has the capabilities of penetrating all the layers of the nail plate in order to reach the area of infection. White iodine will simply 'mask' the problem. If you really want to get rid of the infection so you wil not experience any re-occurance, follow your dermatologists instructions to the letter.

Some advice: I tried everything, home cure voodo, and precrition medications. The first don't work at all, the second are only effective in 60% of cases. Oral prescriptions burden the liver heavily. After 20 years of frsutration, I had 2 nails on each foot permanently removed in two separate procedures by a podiatrist. (Remeber, licened podiatirats are qualified foot surgeons; the foot contains the largest number of bones!) Each procedure lasted barely ten minutes, most of the time waiting for the novocain to numb the foot. The procedure is totally painless. It takes about 8 weeks to heal. Skin thickens in the nailbed. The results are estethically more appealing than actual toenails. Women can apply nail polish. GB.

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