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Re: fingernails lifting-TO SUZANNE-FROM ELAINA

Re: fingernails lifting-TO SUZANNE-FROM ELAINA

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Posted by Elaina on October 25, 2000 at 12:36:45:

In Reply to: Re: fingernails lifting posted by Marti on October 24, 2000 at 23:32:40:

: : To Marti,
: : HI. I have read yours and Elaina's messages back and forth about fingernail problems. I too had artificial nails for about 8 mos. This past May I had them taken off. Some skin underneath some of my nails had already started coming loose and I could eventually pull it out. After that my nail was loose from the bed at least 3/4 up from the tip. I spoke to several nail techs about this and they said the nails would grow out. It has been 5 mos. and the nails are growing but they are still loose from the bed. It is white under my nail and red at the edges of where the nail connects to the bed. Occasionally it will get green under there if I don't treat them with Dr. Scholl's Fungi solution. It seems to have spread to other fingernails also. I went to my family doctor yesterday with a sinus infection and showed him my nails also. He mentioned pseudomonias and decided to put me on Tequin for 10 days but said if this didn't work, I would have to go on something else much stronger. This is scary and ugly. I have to wear polish on them every day to hide these ugly nails. My mother-in-law mentioned today about that tea tree oil. What do you think? HELP!!!

: Tee Tree oil is excellent as an anticeptic, but it will seriously dry out your skin. Wear gloves whenever you have to have your hands in water. If you cannot wear gloves, you will need to thoroughly dry your hands and the folds around the nail plate. Since moisture will seep under the lifted nail plate, try a drop of alcohol under each nail to eliminate the excess moisture. The pseudomonas bacterium needs food to eat, and it will eat at the contaminates trapped in the solehorn seal that attaches the nail plate to the nail bed. It needs moisture to grow, so this is why it is imperative to keep the nails out of water as much as possible. The stain is a by-product of the infection and will have to grow out with the emerging nail plate. You could also try the Penlac nail polish that contains a bacterial agent that is supposed to help 'kill' bacterial infections of the nails. Also, there is Dr. G's Clear Nail available in many retail outlets, retail beauty supplies, some nail salons, and on-line:
Hi. I read your problem about your nails. I found Marti's advice very good.Try to keep your nails dry, do not pick at them and do not keep them covered in polish, I found these things make the condtion worsen. My nails are growing out, they still do not look great, but I'm happy I still have nails left and got freat advice. Good Luck I know how hard this can be. Elaina

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