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Re: Grow more body hair !

Re: Grow more body hair !

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Posted by Paul on October 30, 2000 at 15:49:25:

In Reply to: Grow more body hair ! posted by Takeshi on October 30, 2000 at 03:16:36:

: I am 40 years old and I do not have chest hair and any body hair. although I do have pubic hair, normal leg hair.
: I'd really like to have more chest hair, any facial hair and another body hair but everything I find is more focused on how to REMOVE chest hair (unwanted hair) than how to grow MORE! Could I use rogaine on my chest and another body parts or inform me other best way?

i dont want to be rude but are you nuts you dont want hair at all. Im guessing from your name that asian and asians dont really have body hair. I can tell you from experience that body hair isnt worth it Im German Russian, Chzeck Dutch and i have tons of body hair and thats also the reason i have tons of pimples. You see pimples and acne are due to inflammation of the hair foilicule and every time you shave it it gets thicker and your pores get wider and you grow pimples. hell ill trade you my body hair for you perfect skin any day. i have scars on my cheecks from phuckingfacil hair that keeps growing my pores are huge cause inorder for hair to gorw your pores must expand. belive me looks like i got tiny pin holes all over my chest back and face not a pretty site. and its not worth the hair. from wht i heard when i was young i was told if i was to get the hair zapped in my adolecesence with one of those electronic hair removers i would have to have delt with all the problems of self confidence and wacthing my face desinegrate right in front of me from baby smooth skin to sandpapeer and pinholes. Take my word on this one hair is just not worth it. its a choice you should make wht do you value more your smooth flawless complexion or would you rather have pinholes and wide pores and little scars all over your face for hair. Its just not worth the mental and physical pain i went through growing upi and i wish it on no one. - Paul Good luck and may God be with you.

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