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Posted by Marti on October 11, 2000 at 22:16:21:

In Reply to: Re: TO MARTI-UPDATE ABOUT NAIL FUNGUS-&QUESTION-Thank you Marti posted by Elaina on October 11, 2000 at 10:45:38:

: : : HI. Several weeks back you answered alot of my questions about fungus on my fingernails due to artificialnails. My nails have been doing good they are actually growing quicker than I expected. They have also only remained on 4 fingernails, but my problem now is I recently painted my daughters bedroom and got alot of paint caked on my fingernails, within 1 night with paint on my nails ( i had a hard time scrubbing it off) my top of my nails have gotten very discolored white/beige looking growing downward. Do I need to get more fungal drops? is the fungus back? or was it from lack of air that made the fingernails turn color? can you file the dicoloration off? or just leave it all alone? Thanks so much for all your help. You were a great help to me last time!!!!

: : Boy, you have a LOT of questions :))) Without seeing the color of the infection prior to removal of the artificial coating, it is hard to say which type of infection you are experiencing. I suspect it may have begun as a pseudomonas bacterial infection in which the nail plate will turn various shades of green. The greenish discoloration is a by-product of this infection. Simply exposing this type of infection to air and removing its source of food and moisture through dehydration is usually enough to 'kill' it, although the discoloration will have to grow out with the nail plate. When an infection is 'white or beige' with crumbly debris between the plate and the nail bed, it may signify a fungus or yeast infection is growing. Generally, after either type of infection has healed, the nail plate will remain lifted from the bed until it grows out over the free edge, and the nail plate where it is lifted will appear whiteish in color. The reason for this is that the pink color of the nail bed cannot 'show through' the nail plate as it is no longer attached. If there is no debris between the plate and the bed where the nail plate remains lifted, then I would believe the infection has 'died'. If you are still concerned, you might purchase some Tee Tree Oil and apply a drop under the lifted nail palte a couple times a day.

: Thank You.I will try the tee tree oil. Where do you find that? Beauty supply or drugstore? Should the white area on fingernail still be growing down the finger?

By "the white area' do you mean the lunula that is naturally seen at the cuticle line, or the white coloration from the lifted nail plate? If it is the latter, then it should grow forward to the free edge as the nail plate naturally grows. You should be able to get the tee tree oil at a Sally Beauty Supply. Do try to keep the area dry whenever possible. No need to allow any moisture to collect as it will hold contaminates as well and may reactivate the infection. All nail infections need food to eat and moisture to grow -- generally once these 2 things are removed, the infection will 'die'. If it progresses, I would suggest you see a dermatologist that understands nail disorders. Do you have a digital camera? If so, you could take a picture of your nail and send it to me -- I could better answer your question if I could actually see the problem.

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