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Re: Artificial Nails

Re: Artificial Nails

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Posted by Marti on November 14, 2000 at 10:56:54:

In Reply to: Re: Artificial Nails posted by Lesley on November 13, 2000 at 22:11:46:

: I have nail fungus from artificial nails on two of my fingers. How do I get rid of the fungus?

There are different types of nail infections associated with artificial nails: A 'green' stain on the nail plate is classic for Pseudomonas bacterial infection; a 'white' discoloration that results in the nail plate lifting from thenail bed is caused by a fungal or yeast (candida) infection. If it is a green stain, it is much easier to 'kill', however, the stain (which is actually a by-product of the infection) will remain in the nail plate until it completely grows out. Remove the enhancements ffom the infected nails with an approved remover. (Acetone is perfectly safe for this procedure.) Remove any polish, buff/file the surface of the enhancement to make it porous, pour enough remover into a glass dish to cover the nails. Immerse the nails in the remover, cover the hand and dish with a terry towel to prevent evaporation and control vapors. Keep the fingers in the remover for 20 minutes, then, without removing the fingers from the remover, slough off any softened product with an orangewood stick. After all the product has been removed, lightly buff the nail plate surface to ensure all product residue is gone. Wash and dry the hands and nails. File the free edge until it is almost flush with the fingertip (don't leave it long, it will just bend and break). Throw all the files away as the bacteria can spread to any other nails the file is used on. Apply alcohol to the offending nails several times a day to keep them 'dried out'. Remember, the bacteria needs moisture to grow, so you need to keep the nails clean and dry at all times. After several days of treating in this manner, the bacteria will 'die' - the stain will remain. Do not reapply a new enhancement immediately!! Wait at least a week for the nails to return to some semblance of 'normal'. If the nail plate has lifted from the nail bed underneath the enhancement, do not reapply until the nail grows out completely! If it is a true 'fungus' infection, only a dermatologist can determine the correct offending fungi/yeast by taking a culture of the debris underneath the nail plate and prescribing the proper treatment.

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