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Re: Organic Cure for toenail fungus

Re: Organic Cure for toenail fungus

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Posted by Marti on October 09, 2000 at 09:16:33:

In Reply to: Organic Cure for toenail fungus posted by Barbara Richards on October 09, 2000 at 00:01:44:

: I was listening to a radio program about organic gardening. The host reccommends broadcasting cornmeal for fungi in the soil. A caller told how his wife had tried many things to get rid of toenail fungus with none of them working. In desperation she tried soaking her foot in a cornmeal and water mix. He claimed her problem was cured.

: Has anyone tried this? Do you have reccommendations on how much cornmeal and water to use? How often should the soaks be done, and for how long a period of time?

: I have tried prescription medication and topical ointments to no avail. I would appreciate any advice or personal experience. Thanks

If cornmeal and water soaks actually sorked on fungus, then there would be no need for all the OTC and prescription drugs sold. Fungus of the nails, whether fingernail or toenail, is caused by a bacteria that has invaded the seal between the nail bed and the nail plate due to a break or tear in the lateral nail folds or the eponychium. This type of bacteria thrives in moist places, which is why it is so predominant on the toenail. A true fungus infection can only be determined by a physician by taking a culture of the bacterium and growing it in a petri dish to determine it's exact strain. The cornmeal may work in the soil by removing the moisture, although the cornmeal will end up being food for other strains of invading 'life' in your flowerbed. Fungus infections of the toenail can only be cured with topical and/or internal medication. Dr. G's (Woodward Labs) makes an excellent product for curing nail infections caused by pseudomonas bacteria and some strains of fungus. It can be purchased over the web at: Also, many people have had success with pure tee tree oil, which is a natural antisceptic. Nothing will work, however, unless you keep the feet clean and dry and do not try to 'scrape' or 'dig out' the debris left by the infection from under the nail plate. This type of infection is contagious and can spread to the other fingers or toes. Keep your feet dry -- wearing white socks is a lot better than nylon socks or nylon stockings.

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