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Re: Fingernail separation from bed

Re: Fingernail separation from bed

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Posted by Marti on December 03, 2000 at 20:15:23:

In Reply to: Fingernail separation from bed posted by dunhill on December 03, 2000 at 12:01:24:

: I have all indicators of Onychomycosis. I have been using tea tree oil mixed in petroleum jelly and cover with a bandaid. I have read it is important to keep nail dry. Any suggestions for keeping dry. I have to wash my hands and shower.

: How often should I apply the tea tree oil (straight or in a mixture)? How long before I should notice improvement?

I have never been one to suggest covering an infected nail with any kind of covering -- especially petroleum jelly and band-aids. These 2 things will actually increase the moisture levels in the skin and nails, thereby giving the infection exactly the thing it needs to grow - moisture. Onycholysis can be caused by several tings: fungus infection, pseudomonas infection or an allergy to actylics. If the nail plate is yellowish with evident debris between the plate and the nail bed, it is a fungal infection. If the plate has a greenish tint, it is pseudomonas. A fungal infection can be helped with Tea Tree oil since it is a natural anticeptic, but in many cases, if it is a candida fungus, it would be better treated with another medication. The only way to know is to have a dermatologist take a scraping from under the nails and grow a culture; this will best determine the type of fungus. Pseudomonas wil 'die' once the contaminates and moisture are removed from the nail plate. The stain will remain as it is a by-product of the infection and will grow out with the plate. Nail plate lifting from an allergy to acrylics will stop once the allergen is removed and the acrylics are not reapplied. In any event, the nail palte will completely replace itself in from 6 months on up, depending on your natural growth patterns. In the meantime, keep the nails short, wear gloves whenever using water or household cleaning solutions. Wash your hands with an instant hand sanitizing agent whenever possible. To keep the nails dry, simply blow dry with your hair dryer, or wipe with a lint-free wipe saturaled in Alcohol. Don't use the vasoline (petroleum jelly) as it can harbor bacterial or fungal spores.

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