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Re: allergy to earrings and question about re-piercing

Re: allergy to earrings and question about re-piercing

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Posted by Sasha on December 10, 2000 at 12:46:00:

In Reply to: Re: allergy to earrings and question about re-piercing posted by Barb on November 05, 2000 at 20:39:30:

: Dear Naked Earlobes,

: You have a nickel allergy which is causing your earlobes to turn red on contact to earrings that have nickel in them. Did you know that even 14 carat gold has nickel in it? The only metal that does not have any impurities or traces in it is platinum. Since platinum is more expensive and hard to find unless you get custom made earrings from fine jewelers, try the Simply Whispers website for good quality earrings and no irritation. I vow that these earrings will do the trick. Oh and Avon now makes all their earrings nickel free. Good luck!

hi there. actually, there is another nickel free metal which i would argue is the safest metal to go with. TITANIUM. i am a professional body piercer, and if any of my customers alert me to a metal sensitivity they have, i immediately reach for the titanium. not a one has had any problems with this metal. another thing to watch out for --and this is in general for everyone -- STERILITY & SAFETY!!! make sure your piercings (yes, even just your ears) are done with a single use surgical NEEDLE, not the "mall gun". the single use needle should be autoclave sterilized and disposed of in a sharps unit after use. the gun is used on EVERYONE! usually, the studs themselves are sealed, but what if the person before you bled on the grommet of the gun where the stud sits? the gun also creates a hole much like any other gun -- it SHOOTS METAL INTO YOU, often resulting in lumps of "blowout" tissue on the back of the ear (especially in cartilage). the needle cuts a clean path for jewelry insertion thus making healing cleaner and much easier. ok, now that i've ranted about proper piercing methods, i reiterate, titanium is very safe, and far less costly than platinum. titanium is used to make prosthetic bone replacements (ie - hip and jaw), and is used VERY widely and safely by the piercing community. the best thing you could do for yourself is (if you decide you want your ears pierced again) go to a REPUTABLE professional body piercer, tell them of your metal allergy (yes, i agree, nickel is the culprit), and they should be able to take care of you. just DO YOUR HOMEWORK as far as who you go to. ask about their sterilization methods, ask to see the piercing area, check for cleanliness, make sure all items come from a fresh package, needle, jewelry, tools, etc. any piercer worth their salt would be happy to show you and explain to you their standards and practices for health safety. any other queries, feel free to email me. good luck!! :)

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