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Re: Is there any way to make my hair grow faster???

Re: Is there any way to make my hair grow faster???

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Posted by Annacontessa on December 10, 2000 at 19:46:44:

In Reply to: Re: Is there any way to make my hair grow faster??? posted by Marti on December 04, 2000 at 12:50:56:

: : There is a supplement called MSM which makes your hair
: : and nails grow a lot faster.

: : MSM adds sulpher to the diet, and hair and nails have a large
: : sulpher content (that's why they smell so bad when they burn).

: : Dan
: I am printing some information here about nail (hair) 'growth patterns'. Even though this information is printed from my nail website, the same will hold true for hair as they are both made from the same "chemicals". I have held my cosmetology certificate since 1967 and my instructors certificate since 1992. I can guarantee you that there is nothing out there that will make your hair grow faster, thicker, straighter, smoother or change your natural body functuion in any way. If there were, I would be taking something to prevent my hair from becomming grey!!

: Many factors determine nail growth, and each fingernail will grow at different rates. The thumbnail will grow about 1 1/2 inches per year, and the left thumb will usually grow faster than the right. The index fingernail will grow the fastest, followed by the pointer and ring finger, which grow at almost the same rate. As a rule, the longer the finger, the faster the plate will grow. Nails also grow faster in summer than in winter, and faster during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the rate drops back to normal. Age also effects the growth rate with nail growth peaking between 10 and 14 years and slowly declining after age 20. Factors that slow nail growth include being immobilized or paralyzed, poor circulation, malnutrition, lactation, serious infections, psoriasis and certain medications. Some believe that eating certain foods or using special creams, oils or lotions will increase the growth rate. Although the nail plate requires certain nutrients for proper growth, there is very little evidence that eating any particular food will cause them to grow faster. Creams, oils and lotions are sometimes sold as 'growth accelerators', although these claims are false, misleading and illegal. No cosmetic product may claim that it can alter or change any body function. These products and others are only for beautifying the nail plate, and only medical drugs can make such claims.

: Marti: I am so glad to hear what you have to say about "growing hair faster". You say those products on the market that claim to grow healthy hair are untrue. I just spent $30.00 on some vitamins from the health food store to grow healthy hair. I took the whole bottle and my hair has not changed not one bit. I called the manufacturer and they said I would have to take them longer. That means going to spend $30.00 more dollars hoping to see a change. After spending $30.00 shouldn't I see something, even slightly different? That just goes to show these pills do not work. I will accept what mother nature is doing to my hair and quit spending money. I am glad to finally hear the truth about this subject because I would still be spending money!

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