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Re: Please help me, I'm constantly depressed over my blochy skin

Re: Please help me, I'm constantly depressed over my blochy skin

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Posted by Katie on October 16, 2000 at 02:16:59:

In Reply to: Please help me, I'm constantly depressed over my blochy skin posted by Gillian on October 14, 2000 at 23:18:25:

:Hi Gillian. I do understand how you are feeling. These things do depress those of us who have them, that's normal. What's first important to realize is that you are a whole person and there is more to you than your skin and hair. I know it is hard going to school and dealing with kids cuz they can be mean, I know, I remember it too. I have been through what you are going through back then and still have some skin problems today and here I am a mother myself. That being said...your first action should be to make an appointment with a dermatologist. He/she will diagnose what's going on with your skin and can prescribe a treatment plan for you. There are thousands of medications out there and I'm sure that one of them can help. second, you need to follow the treatment, whatever it is and do not slack off. As a teen I would skip doses or stop taking things after only 2 weeks cuz I was so impatient to see results and didn't realize that they needed more time to work. For instance, tetracycline is an antibiotic for acne and you need to take it for about 2 months in some cases before you will see the results. If your skin is blotchy and dried out then you do not want to use a soap that will make it worse. You just need to use a gentle soap, which your derm can recommend. If you are using over the counter acne products that are too drying for your skin you can actually make everything worse. There needs to be a good balance. Use soaps and lotions that are not full of oils and pore clogging ingredients. Do not scrub with a washrag or use any type of "scrubs" as that irritates your skin and can bring on the redness and bumps. For now, you can conceal with makeup. I have been using revlon "new complexion" liquid for years cuz it offers the best coverage, even hides the redness from my rosacea. As for your hair, do you color or perm it? If so this could be causing the breakage. My hair is very fine and when I did this it would go from very healthy to very damaged with broken frizzies all over. The only thing you can do to get it back into shape is to cut off as much as you can stand and use deep conditioners twice a week. Some that I like are Joico k-pack and pantene. Also, to help smooth the hair, after you wash and condition and when it is still damp, smooth on some "laminates" gel. This is by "sebastian". You can find it in salons that carry this brand and at the ulta cosmetic store. You dont want to use a whole glob, just about a dime size amount, little more or less depending on hair lenght and rub in hands then apply. I love this stuff. So keep in touch and update with your progress. Good luck sweetie.

I'm 15 years old and severly depressed about my skin and hair.
: my hair is horibly damaged, the ends are frizzy and everytime i brush it more strands of hair brake.
: I wanted to know if any product actualy repaired and prevented that.
: I go deeply into depression when I think about my skin, I feel like the ugliest thing on the plannet and the way
: the other kids at school treat me doesn't help.
: my cheeks are blochy and red and my skin is bumpy, I have many scars from previous acne and the chicken pox on my forehead and I have a layer of skin on my nose that looks like black heads
: every time I try to clear my skin the blochy tone gets worse and my skin dries out.
: I know it's stupid to get depressed about it but I rely need some advise,please help me if you can!

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