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Re: harmful ingredients

Re: harmful ingredients

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Posted by Marti on December 13, 2000 at 08:59:49:

In Reply to: Re: harmful ingredients posted by sherry on December 11, 2000 at 22:22:27:

: : : I have heard that shampoos contain such harmful if not I believe carcinogenic ingredients in them such as SLS, DEA, meththinozioioline. So why the heck are they in there and can't FDA do anything to stop this. No wonder so many people I believe 1 out of every 3 people get cancer in his or her lifetime. Am I just needlessly worried or do others share my opinion? Thanks

: : Every chemical has the potential to be hazardous -- even water! Stick your head in a bucket of water for 5 minutes, and it is not only harmful; it can kill you! The media makes out that ALL chemicals are hazardous; however, this is not true. The hazard with the majority of chemicals comes from overexposure. One would have to expose their skin to vast quantities of these potentially hazardous chemicals on a daily basis in order to experience the first reaction. One must first remember that everything you see and touch except for light and electricity is a chemical -- even a newborn baby's skin is 100% chemical! The FDA has not found these chemicals to be particularly hazardous in the quantities used in cosmetic items such as shampoo, toothpaste, makeup or any other daily grooming cosmetics. Any item that contains a potentially hazardous chemical must carry a warning label and list the reactions associated with that chemical. Also, the item must state that the ingredient is on the potentially hazardous chemical list and the item will have a Material Safety Data Sheet to explain the health hazards of overexposure. SLS is often confused with SLES. One is hazardous, the other is not. Get a grip sweetie -- if you wouldn't stick your head in a bucket of water, then you already know how to be careful when using chemicals.

: I have a grip- and I have read research in which lab animals were exposed to minute topical quanties of theses ingredients- particularly DEA and they had developed carcinomas. I am not saying that we are those lab animals- but the fact is that the number one cause of cancer is not genetics but it is being exposed to carcinogens through out one's life. That's a fact and it is documented in many medical journals. I do not konw if these chemicals are contributing but do not tell me that you are sure they are not.

Whenever a chemical manufacturer or scientist exposes a small animal to 'minute' quantities of a certain chemical, they do so on a daily basis and spread over a long time until the animal finally experiences a reaction -- whether good or bad! The FDA allows these chemicals, and others, to be used in cosmetic products at certain quantities only. These quantities have been proven to be safe for the majority of persons. Many people have it in their genes to be sensitive to certain chemicals, even in the tiniest amounts. Several years ago, the nail industry was warned against using formaldehyde or toluene in nail polish -- all this from California. They claimed that the amounts used in nail enamel was toxic -- however, the FDA finally proved that the amounts used in nail enamel and nail strengtheners was well below the nationally recognized 'safe levels' of exposure. What I was trying to say, and you misunderstood, was that the news media always blows these things out of proportion. According to a chemist friend of mine, most chemicals are safe to use as long as one follows the manufacturers instructions and all measures to prevent overexposure. Here is what my friend has written about "Playing it Safe".

"Most people believe chemicals are dangerous or toxic substances. Ask someone about chemicals and they might mention toxic waste dumps or factories dumping poisonous waste into streams. Actually, everything we see and touch is a chemical, except for light and electricity. Air is a combination of many chemicals; oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Clean, pure mountain stream water is a chemical. A newborn baby's skin is 100% chemical.

Why do people only think of chemicals in a negative way? It is because of the dramatized and exaggerated images created by the media. These images are misleading and inaccurate. The truth is, 99% of the chemicals we come in contact with in our lives are completely safe and beneficial. Water is the most common salon chemical. Water can be very dangerous! In fact, it can kill you within minutes. Try sticking your head in a bucket full of water for 5 minutes. Foolish? Yes! Since we were very young, our parents taught us the potential hazards of water; it is dangerous to swim after a big meal or use a blow dryer in the bathtub, and not to drive fast on wet pavement. We all learned the rules, and the same holds true for salon chemicals. There are 'safe working' rules we must follow, or we will suffer the consequences. Every chemical can be safe and every chemical can be dangerous -- it's up to you!

No chemical in the world can be harmful unless you overexpose yourself. Every chemical substance has a safe and unsafe level of exposure. Simply touching, inhaling, or smelling a potentially hazardous substance can't harm you. Exceeding the safe level of exposure is the danger we must learn to avoid!

Some chemicals are dangerous even in tiny amounts and are not suited for salon use. Professional products are formulated to be as safe as possible, though no nail product or other cosmetic product is free from all risks. A normally safe product can become dangerous if used incorrectly. Even gardeners and mechanics must follow safe working procedures."

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